Choose your own Remake

Brands should give us a choice

We’re currently in somewhat of a remake and limited edition paradise at the moment as there always seems to be something new coming every month. The year is almost 5 months in, but we’ve seen tons of releases with even Mizuno getting in on the remake action. But as I have vocally and continuously complained, there are a lot of unnecessary releases. After all, we do not really need another Predator Accelerator remake. But maybe companies can change course and let consumers decide what kind of remakes they want to see.

So, the question then turns to how this can be accomplished. Brands these days have a variety of tools at their disposal to do this. One could be an app campaign that notifies users of an event to choose their favourite boots come up. The options could be limited to the boots that the brands are thinking of/or can remake. Another way this can be achieved is by running an Instagram campaign that lets anybody sign up to take part in such an event.

A good remake, but not really what many were waiting for. Image Credit: SoccerCleats101

An alternative to both of these is that it can be an exclusive questionnaire that asks a series of questions that vaguely asks about events in order to determine the best possible remake. An example of some of these questions. “Which Predator model do you associate with Zidane?” “What colours do you associate with Kaka?” “Which Ronaldo is your favourite?” “What is your favourite colour combos from this selection?”. This would allow the brands to narrow options down to choices that would be for the remake that could possibly sell the most. Given, the adidas has had trouble shifting remakes recently, asking people what the want could possibly help solve some of these issues.

There is a second benefit for brands to do this. Data collection. Many brands have massive market research departments to study trends and the like but sometimes I feel that these brands can miss something if they ignore the basics. And consumer data is one of the valuable things that a company can have, so it is a possible win-win for them.

No more of this, adi. Image Credit: SC101

A problem, of course, is that boots tend to take a while to develop and make so any such survey would have to come with the caveat that they are looking at products for a year or so now. This could be a big issue but given that companies will sometimes show off a boot months before the boot’s release (think the Batman Future that is coming soon) it might actually work out. The other thing is that in the fine print and legal disclaimers for the surveys could contain nuggets on information for the hardcore to look through.

It is a fairly simple solution to the issue of being stuck with too much stock. Given how many products have flooded the market and the fact that adidas does seem like they will continue to make remakes, this surely would not be the worst idea that they have come across.

It is worth a shot, anyways.

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