Tokyo Football Grip Socks Air Review

The go to option

Since the release of last year’s original Tokyo Football grip socks, they have seen a steady rise in popularity. While it would be enough for most brands, especially newer ones, to settle with what they have for the time being, Tokyo Football (TF) have instead sought to make improvements to their products. This is a welcome decision and though too much change can ruin a great product, taking that risk is a bold move and it can often pay off. Offering a newer, thinner, option in their line up not only gives something for people who prefer that, myself included, but also diversifies the product line and allows the brand to be more competitive. And in this case, TF has nailed it.

Fit and Feel

One of the most noticeable things about the new Air version of the grip socks is that the fit seems to have been improved. While the originals did not fit bad per se, the newer model seems to fit tighter to the foot and thus improves the overall experience. Even with the sock becoming thinner, there is still cushioning on the tops and heel, which is greatly appreciated since it still provides good comfort. I find that occasionally some thinner grip socks will sacrifice comfort in order to be as thin as possible, but that is not the case here.

The anatomical shaping from the original model also makes its return. Considering other, far more expensive brands fail to offer this, it is an appreciated feature of the TF grip socks. Interestingly, I did not feel any issues with the arch, like I did with the previous model of the socks.

In fact, I find the socks to be so comfortable that they have become my go to socks for most situations. Even in colder temperatures the socks felt comfortable, and my toes did not feel numb, a fact I became aware of when I tried wearing a different pair of grip socks for a training match one time.

The material of the sock itself is soft but not overly so, as it still feels like a proper football sock. I cannot stand socks that feel like a regular tube sock and yet are called footie socks. The are breathable and I do not feel my feet sweat too much or the socks keep too much moisture while playing. This will be super helpful when the rainy season comes around.


Something that I personally like about the TF grip socks in general is that the grip extends up the back of the heel. It is weird to me that more brands do not do this. In fact, the overall grip is so good that I feel that the socks are one of the best to wear with laceless boots. While I do my testing in boots with a lot of different socks, when it comes to matches, I like to stay consistent. I find myself using the TF Grip socks Air every time I wear a laceless boot. I find that the raised grip in the heel works really well with a lot of laceless boots and the occasional “bite” that you might get in a laceless boot’s heel is negated by the cushioning in the Air socks.

Actually, I have yet to feel let down by the grip in the socks. No matter the weather and the conditions, the Grip Socks Air always seem to give consistent performance. On top of this, I never have gotten any blisters from the socks, which has happened to me before with other brands’ grip socks. The Grip Socks Air are really one of the best I have come across that not only give solid grip, but do not feel like they are going to tear up my skin.

Also, durability remains excellent. Even though they have become my current go to socks, no matter how many times I have worn them, I have yet to lose any grip or even seen the grip pieces come off.


Tokyo Football really has got it made with their socks. Price, performance and durability are solid, all the while remaining cheaper than the competition. The socks are $15.90 SGD which comes out to 11.65 USD. The price is ridiculous for what you are getting. I can buy four pairs of the Grip Socks Air for the price of one pair of TruSox. I cannot say enough about what good value the socks are. If you have not tried them yet, I highly recommend you do. Grab several pairs because that is what I did!

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6 thoughts on “Tokyo Football Grip Socks Air Review

  1. I have always worn the original TF socks and loved them. Recently, I tried the new Air version and I have to say- I don’t really like them. For me, men’s US size 10.5, they are less compressive and feel loose compared to the original version. Unfortunately, because shipping takes so long to the US, I ordered 12 pair, so maybe I will learn to love them.
    Separate question. Which Mizuno boots are most similar to the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite?

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  2. Between these and Tabio finger socks, which one do you prefer?
    Also, do Tabio socks have both in and out grip elements?
    Thank you.


    1. I’m not a fan of the finger socks. I prefer the regular fit Tabio socks. That’s a tough choice but I’ve been wearing the Tokyo Football grip socks more. The Tabio only has grip elements on the outside


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