ASICS DS Light Acros PRO Tech Breakdown

The DS Light Acros series has increased in popularity the last year, coinciding with the rise of Celtic and Japanese striker Kyogo Furuhashi, who wears the boots. It has been two and a half years since the release of the original and now ASICS has launched a new, tweaked model, the DS Light Acros Pro.

The main focuses of the Acros series have been fit and keeping the foot firmly secured in the boot. This locked in feeling is achieved with the use of the Acros Fit Upper, a three-layer material designed to be flexible while still providing lockdown.

Image Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

The first layer of this material is called Nexskin, which is a mesh material that is soft and slightly stretchy. On top of that layer, there is a cage material that is made of synthetic that helps keep the shape of the boot, stabilizes the foot and helps keep the foot locked into the boot. It apparently also does this without taking away the softness of the mesh layer. Finally, there is a semi-clear coating on the top layer that still allows the materials underneath to be visible. There is more about this on my review of the previous DS Light Acros.

The tongue is a one-piece synthetic leather. While the inside of the heel uses a soft brushed material, similar to what is found on the X Fly PRO.

Image Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

Speaking of that boot, ASICS is now using the PRO to signify that the boot is using the PRO outsole, which is the one that is used on the X Fly PRO. This soleplate has the boot use an internal heel counter and thinner than other ASICS soleplates, while being stiffer to allow for quicker turns and to help support the foot while sprinting. The deformed circular studs and the claw stud on the forefoot help achieve this. It is also interesting to note that ASICS says this soleplate is suitable for any surface. From personal experience, I can confirm this. Read my review of the X Fly PRO to see more.

Image Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

There is also a slight heel raise, but from my experience in the X Fly Pro, it was not noticeable during play. The reason for the heel raise is not only to take pressure of the heels, but to also put the body in a slightly forward position, which helps reduce pressure on the joints and muscles when pushing off to sprint.

Image Credit: Kohei’s Blog

Lastly, there is also an extra lace hole towards the top, which allows for a runner’s knot to be used, which helps increase lockdown in the heel. This is a small but nice addition that ASICS has on their boots that I appreciate.

Apparently, the regular DS Light Acros will still continue has an in-line model, though at the moment they are sold out almost everywhere.

I have already pre-ordered the boots, so a review will begin in due course.

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Header Image Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo


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