Mizuno Zero+ Shoe Cleaner Review

A handy accessory

Some years back, Mizuno teamed up with a brand called P.Matsu to make a new type of shoe cleaner, that was more specifically for leather shoes. It has proved quite successful, as it has continued to sell well. Now, Mizuno are back with a new shoe cleaner called Zero+, which aims to provide a good cleaning solution for both leather and synthetic boots, as well as other types of shoes.

Using the shampoo is pretty easy overall. Get a bowl full of cool water. Use the Zero+ brush to clean off the dirt and any easily removeable marks. Put a few drops of the shampoo on the brush, dip it into water and go at the boots. After the boots are clean, use the water to rinse them off and then a towel to dry them. Leave them in a cool, dry place to air dry or use a shoes dryer. There is also the extra Zero+ shoe freshener that you can use to spray the inside of the shoe once it has been washed. The shampoo can also be used on the insoles and laces of the boots you are cleaning.

The whole process is easy to do, and I was impressed with how quickly I was able to clean even old turf marks off my boots. It did take a little bit of effort for some marks, but the shampoo suds up nicely with only a few drops used. Which means that not a lot is needed to clean your boots. It is impressive how efficient the shampoo is. Also, I have to commend Mizuno for making 99 percent of the shampoo from natural materials.

There is also a nice, light, lemony smell to the shampoo and the shoe freshener. It is not overly strong, but it does a great job of neutralizing odors even with my older Morelia II Japan. So, plus marks here as well.

Something has been pointed out by 0014 Blog is his review of the Zero+ is that while the brush is great on synthetics, there is a slight worry about it’s use on natural leathers, since the fibers are fairly stiff. He suggested that even the P.Matsu brush might be a better option to use with the shampoo when cleaning leather boots since it is softer. Or even any softer brush might be a good idea. While I have yet to have any issues when cleaning leather boots, I do agree that this might be a good option, just to be on the safe side.

Speaking of leather boots, I had been lazy and had not cleaned my Mizuno Morelia II Japan after my last match, so it had a lot of turf marks, but the Zero+ shampoo worked well on them, in spite of the time they had sat uncleaned. It does seem like even older marks can be removed with the shampoo, so if you have any boots that have not had a cleaning in a while, based on my own experience, the Zero+ shampoo can clean them up nicely. It is a great addition to the things I use to clean my boots and given that the brush and shampoo set retails for about 2000 yen (about $17.50 US) it is an inexpensive and worthwhile investment.

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4 thoughts on “Mizuno Zero+ Shoe Cleaner Review

      1. Thanks! That sounds pretty good. Would you say lighter colour Mizuno’s stain easier than darker colour ones? I’m deciding between colourways and I’m worried about white Mizuno’s not keeping its appearance as well as darker ones.

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