Blog Plans for 2022

Setting Up some Loose Goals

In a hope to stick to somewhat of a plan this year, I figured I should layout the plans for this year. Obviously, I will be doing reviews of various boots, but I would also like to be more consistent in terms of producing content. I am going to try and stick to having a new piece written at least once a week.

Last year, I managed to do 12 different footwear reviews and I would like to do more than that this year. There are some Japan-only releases that I want to review that I did not get a chance to last year. Now, clearly, I am going to review any Mizuno or ASICS releases this year first, since those are by far the most popular brands to come out of Japan. Another brand that will be given priority is Adler. They have been working hard on a new line up, as could be parsed from their posts on Instagram.

As far as other brand’s boots I want to cover, Athleta’s leather boot, the T006, is one of the first bots I want to review when the snow melts. I also have the adidas X Speedflow+ that I will be working on reviewing as well. Speaking of adidas, I have already put together a review for the Predator Archive, I just need to edit it an put it up.

Photo Credit: Kishispo/Kemari87

Another boot that I want to get to last year was the adidas Predator Freak with the hard ground soleplate. Even though it is soon to be replaced, I thought it would be good to cover the performance of the adidas HG soleplate. To go along with the grippy Predator, I also want to review the Umbro Accerator with that grippy instep midfoot. It also has some interesting tech packed into it as well.

There is also a big need to review some boots from Mizuno’s Monarcida series since that line does not get reviewed enough. I will try to tackle the leather and synthetic models for balance. And the synthetic is apparently pretty appealing. Hummel’s Vorart 2 model is also fascinating, so that is in the line-up for this year as well. I will also attempt to review the BMZ Keriou Capere.

Plans have also been made to review the Ligaresta Pro from Yasuda. No one really read my Yasuda YX-2019 review, but a good friend asked me personally to review it, so it is a must.

That takes us to ten planned reviews. I will speed up the process of doing reviews, but I still plan to give every boot the normal amount of playtime (8 to 10 hours) for the review method. This does mean I will be a whole lot busier, but this is a goal of mine as well.

Still my favourite of the Rebula series

Outside of these reviews, there will obviously be plenty of new releases. I am guessing that Mizuno will replace the Rebula soon and ASICS will probably have a replacement for the X Fly 4 and the DS Light Acros. Then there are the releases from all of the other brands. Which I will pick and choose what to cover, but I will obviously listen to what people think I should review. I have also been tempted to review the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 since the feedback seems to be that they are either meh or great.

Besides reviews, I will try to do some IG Lives when possible, though how those go and will be set up is still being worked on. Similarly, I want to start planning interviews for article pieces, since we do not see enough of that in general. I will obviously still be doing pieces of various things I come across.

Lastly, I am going to attempt to make the blogsite nicer. It is fine for right now, but it needs to look a bit better, and I have been given a lot of feedback stating similar. It would benefit greatly from looking more professional.

All of this is really written down just so I have a written record of what I am wanting to accomplish and hopefully this not only gets myself to commit, but also keeps pressure on me from readers to do the same.

Happy New Year! As always, feel free to drop me a message or an email and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!




2 thoughts on “Blog Plans for 2022

  1. Thanks so much for all your detailed research, insight and obvious hard work in bringing your reviews to the world. Your stuff is right up there with the best and most trustworthy reviews out there, and give a really valuable platform to brands and releases that otherwise would hardly make even the faintest of ripples, let alone a wave, outside Japan. IMO, Japan has been making some of the best and highest quality footwear and general football apparel available for years, but because they’re not interested in competing with the big US and EU brands globally, anyone outside Asia is pretty much in the dark. Thanks to you for shining a light! Looking forward to what you produce in 2022! All the best. p.s. You thought about YouTube/video reviews with your level of detail? You’d absolutely kill it!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words! You are far too kind! I agree, marketing for Japanese companies just is not the same outside of Asia. Hopefully this year will be massive. I prefer to write instead of YouTube, especially since my buddy Boot Wizard James is already really good at it. YT is such a massive hassle, though granted the money is far better than just a blog.


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