Boot Wishes for 2022

The end of the year is fast approaching, and we have again had a year of remakes, “fresh” colourways and releases to give almost everyone a choice. We have seen Nike been put on the defensive by adidas with the release of the Speedflow and Puma continue to put pressure on those two with releases that are similar quality for cheaper. Mizuno has continued to dominate the leather part of the industry with releases like the Morelia DNA Japan, which while simple, was a great example of the brilliant products the Runbird produces.

But now we turn our attention to next year, there are things I find myself wishing will happen.

Mizuno remake the Wave Ignitus 1 or 2, please

The Ignitus 2 was replaced midway through 2013 and while the series continued on, the boots did not have the same presence (and I would argue, performance) as the first two models in the series. Mizuno has missed several anniversaries involving the Ignitus. One of these was 2020, which was the 10th year anniversary of Keisuke Honda scoring a Mukaiten free kick at the World Cup, which helped the Ignitus explode in popularity. Another one was that this year was the 10th year anniversary of Keisuke Honda winning the Asian Cup MVP as Japan won the trophy.

Miuzno has never really followed anyone else when it comes to deciding when to do remakes. However, the Ignitus 1 and 2 are among my all-time favourite boots so I am ready for a remake. Given how quickly new pairs sell when they pop up on the resell market here, it seems I am not the only one.

An adidas Powerswerve or F50+ remake

Photo Credit: Josh Tossell

It seems bizarre that both of these boots have been ignored by the team planning remakes at adidas. Especially given that we got remakes like the F50.6 (which was bizarre), you would think sooner or later someone at adidas would point out the clamour for the F50+. The boot still has a unique look and would immediately stand out among the crowd of releases. As for the Powerwerve, given how many other Predator remakes we have gotten, surely it is natural for the Powerswerve to be next in line. It is another boot in adidas’ history that had a distinctive look. It is also the last Predator that had the iconic foldover tongue and used kangaroo leather, save for the K leather LZ we got later on. Like the F50+, it is a special boot that should return to the spotlight.

No more Accelerator Remakes

Image Credit: BOOTHYPE.COM

The idea of a Powerswerve remake makes even more sense when we look at how many Accelerator remakes there has been. The last couple of colourways took a while to sell through and the Blue/Electric Yellow can still be found in some places. On top of that, they had to be marked down for some regions to around 50% off in order for units to be sold. The Accelerator is an iconic boot, but the constant remakes dilute how iconic the boot is. Remakes are supposed to be limited and unique. They do not feel as special if you got the nth colourway released in the past few years. This is not to suggest that it should not ever get another remake but give at least five years or more.

Less colourway releases

This boot already has so many colourways! Image Credit: BOOTHYPE.COM

It seems fairly certain that we will get more remakes this coming year. With that being said, surely it would make sense for the brands to cut back on so many colourway releases since remakes tend to hog the spotlight. We also have a World Cup coming next year and while it is towards the end of the year World Cup colourways will still dominate that time period. Anything released concurrently with the packs released for the tournament will get lost in the hype. Clearing the space time for these packs will allow for better sell through and higher sales. Of course, it is almost a expecting a miracle for the bigger brands to calm down with releases, but here is hoping. This is on top of the fact that even the Mercurial Vapor 14 has been experiencing several massive discounts in some places, which is a sign that not everything is going. Because if the most popular boot line in the industry is struggling, then it is a troubling sign for everyone else.

The industry to be more environmentally friendly

Which ties nicely to the previous wish. If less boots and less colourways are produced, along with higher sales of boots that are released, then there will naturally be less waste. We have seen hints here and there of companies trying to get their act in order, but far too much emphasis is still put on what individuals can/should do, rather than these massive companies. They create more waste every year than entire countries and they really should have become far more environmentally friendly by now. Honestly, at some point they should be forced by regulations to do so, because they seem unwilling to go full in on their own. And certainly it is not cheap to pivot to far more environmentally friendly products, but they have plenty of money to do so. The fact that a much smaller sportswear type company like Allbirds can consistently do this, while the bigger ones struggle is pretty damming.

Lower the prices on boots

It is getting ridiculous because prices are rising even though discounts are getting bigger and bigger. Sales might still be trending upwards, but this will not last forever. There is no reason for prices to continue to rise like they are. I have written about this before, but the point needs reinforcing, boots are too expensive. Nike and adidas are two of the biggest culprits in this area, though the Speedflow is actually price the same as the Puma Ultra 1.3 in the Japanese market. However, almost every adidas plus model is close to double the price of the .1 model here, which makes little sense. I even think this for the price of Mizuno boots in Europe and North America.

An example I have mentioned before is the Rebula Cup. Sales were struggling at full price but as soon as the Rebula Cup Japan was marked down, sales jumped. This tells us that the boot was well-received, but the pricing was the problem. Similarly, the Tiempo Legend 9 has had issues in Japan. At full price, there was little justification to buy (especially since retail is far higher than the much better Morelia II Japan is here), but once marked down, sales got a small boost.

And of course, remake prices are ridiculously high. Also like I mentioned recently.

What boot industry wishes do you have for 2022? Let me know in the comments. Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


Header Image Credit: TBTClassicFootballBoots.


2 thoughts on “Boot Wishes for 2022

  1. Thanks for this!
    Out of interest how much roughly in British pounds do Mizuno MIJ products cost in Japan?
    If they sold them cheaper than the big brands here in the uk everything would sell out immediately!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! The Morelia II Japan retails for about 124 quid, while the Morelia Neo 3 Japan is about 144 quid. The Morelia Neo 3 Japan is about 180 quid. There is also the fact that since the boots are made in Japan, there are no import taxes, which factor into the price overseas. There is also the cost of shipping factored in as well. But even so, I think they could be a little bit cheaper in the UK, Europe and the US.


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