A List of Boots That I Could (and maybe Should) Buy Instead of the adiPure Remake

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Adidas dropped the gorgeous Legends Pack last week that included a Predator Pulse remake and an adiPure I remake. While the Pulse was never one of my favourite Preds, the adiPure I is one of my favourite adidas boots. I had a pair of the originals in the white/black colourway and it was deluxe. As soon as the remake dropped, I told myself that I was going to grab a pair but the price, which was about $291 US here in Japan, gave me some pause. I went back and forth constantly about if I should buy the boots or not. Even now it is difficult to convince myself to not buy a pair. So instead, I made this list of boots I probably should buy instead and would save money by doing so.

Hummel Aficionado/Hummel Danish Dynamite

This Hummel boot was a part of the Hummel Vault Series that originally released in 2004 and was handmade in Japan. It first retailed in the US for $300 and was one of the most expensive boots on the market at the time. However, it was a brilliant boot and one of my teammates in the US had three pairs and claimed they were one of the best boots ever made. In Japan, the boot was called the Hummel Danish Dynamite, owing to the fact that the boots have a Danish flag on them. The retail price was around half the price the boots were in the States, coming in at around $150. Recently, I have found a brand new pair for about $100, which is almost a third of the price of the adiPure remake. It is a must try boot for me.

Hummel Golden Goal/Hummel Mexico 86

A boot that as released after the Vault Series in the US, the Golden Goal was a relatively popular among a subsection of boot heads. Some of these boot heads claimed that the boot was even better than the Predator Pulse, which was not only around at the same time, but the Golden Goal seemed to mimic. The boot retailed for $350 Stateside at the time of release. Again, in Japan the boot had a different name and retailed for a much cheaper price. It was called the Mexico 86, ostensibly to celebrate the anniversary of Denmark appearing in the 1986 World Cup. In Japan, the retail price was again around $150. I have also found this boot recently for about $100 and given the praise it received from some sections of the boot community, its another one that I have been wanting to try.

Mizuno Ignitus KH

Image Credit: SportsWebShoppers

Ok, so this one is a pair I already have but there is no such thing as too many Ignitus, in my mind at least. While I have the Black/Gray colourway, I have recently found a pair of the Purple/Gold in my size for about $150. This is about half the price of the adiPure remake and is a much harder boot to track down because they are almost never found in new condition. And besides, this is one of my favourite boot designs and I love the soleplate. I want a pair to wear and a pair to display as it is, so this would fulfill that want without going crazy with spending.

Adidas Predator Powerswerve

Image Credit: DutchBootCollector

The Powerswerve is my favourite Predator. The fit, the design, the performance all tick so many boxes for me. While this is once again a boot that I already have, I would love a pair in the original colourway and one of my favourite boot sellers, Dutch Boot Collector, has a pair in my size. And while these are higher priced than the other boots on this list, it is another boot that is difficult to find new. Although these are about $255, there are several factors here. First, they are a difficult boot to find in my size for a good price. Secondly, getting this specific colourway is even harder. Lastly, even at this price they are still almost $40 cheaper than the adiPure remake. And given my love for the Powerswerve, it makes more sense.

Adidas adiPure I

Image Credit: SoccerBible

Yeah, so the remake is really expensive. It is so expensive that I have found several resellers who sell the originals for far less. Is the remake really that much better? Like, $110 better? One place I found has a new pair for $180. It is difficult to justify buying a remake that is so expensive that it costs more than the original does at resell prices. There is one good argument on the other side of this (that DLBootRoom has convincingly made before) and that is that remakes tend to hold up far better since they have been made so much more recently. If the boot is going to be worn a lot, this argument makes a lot of sense. If it is going to sit on a shelf, not as much. Though to be fair, even sitting on the shelf, we have seen how often boots have fallen apart just due to age.

So in conclusion, maybe it is better off that I turn my attention away from the adiPure remake. I think it is a good that we sit down and think about what else we could purchase with the money we’re willing to spend. Making a list like this has been a good way for me to approach my choice more logically and not get too caught up in the hype.

What would you choose to buy over a remake? Or would you rather buy a remake? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!



3 thoughts on “A List of Boots That I Could (and maybe Should) Buy Instead of the adiPure Remake

  1. So did you get the Pure remake in the end? I know this is quite awhile ago. Just wondering. My 2cents worth, I got the Pulse remake recently when it went on sale but still really expensive at around USD250, and sort of regretted it as the fit is quite bad and the heel slips all the time. It really shows how much boots have improved since 2004 but no doubt it’s nostalgic to wear a proper preds again.

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