ASICS Ultrezza 2 AI Sustainable Tech Breakdown and Thoughts

A great, forward-thinking boot. However…

At the start of July this year ASICS released the Ultrezza 2. Although I have already done a tech breakdown of the initial release (which you can find here), there is some interesting things to go over with this new, sustainable version that ASICS have just released. ASICS says that at least 50% of the boot is made from sustainable and environmentally friendly ideas, so lets have a look and see what has changed.

Photo Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

The biggest of the changes is that ASICS has teamed up with the Leather Working Group, a company that oversees and audits the supply and manufacturing for many different companies, including adidas, New Balance, Bentley and others. These audits include tracing leather from the slaughterhouse all the way to final delivery to the production facility for the boots. This also includes checking to make sure energy consumption, waste, water usage and emissions all fall within the LWG’s protocols.

Another change to the upper is that the knit/synthetic midfoot is coated a completely water-based polyurethane film instead of the petroleum(!) they normally use. Along with this, 32% of this synthetic fiber section is made up of a recycled polyester material.

Photo Credit: SportsWebShoppers

Even the shoelaces have been switched out to a fully recycled polyester. The base of the foam insole was developed in-house at ASICS and is made up of biomass plastic (which is normally made from starch, sugar or cellulose found in plants).

Lastly, the FLYLITE FOAM itself is actually made of cellulose nanofibers and was also developed by ASICS themselves. All in all, a good amount of work has gone into this edition of the Ultrezza and with the cost only be 1000 yen (about $9US) more than the regular model, here’s hoping that ASICS continues to produce future colourways of the Ultrezza with this sustainability in mind.

Image Credit: SportsWebShoppers

But this does lead one to wonder why ASICS did not do this from the initial launch of the Ultrezza 2. Yes, ASICS deserves credit for going down this path with their headline boot for their headline player. However, the boot has only been out for around 2 months, which means the sustainable model was probably developed within a similar time frame. It maybe could have been possible for ASICS to go ahead and make the whole series sustainable from the beginning. The price raise would have made sense to customers, and this would have been a good story to go along with all of the new tech packed into the boot.

Photo Credit: SportsWebShoppers

Many of these big brands need to make changes relatively quickly if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change, as the impact that one company can make, even with a single product line has a great effect than you and all of your friends would have combined. While it is important to applaud when boots like the Ultrezza 2 AI sustainable are made, let’s not let this companies think it is job done. We need to keep pushing them to do more.

But yeah, excited about these Ultrezza.

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Header Photo Credit: SportsWebShoppers


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