Its OK Nike and Adidas – you can drop your leather Silos

Neither company is fully committing to them

This could have been such a stellar year for fans of the Copa silo and the Tiempo Legend silo. Both got new releases that had the looks to get people excited. For adidas, it was the fact that the boots looked like an evolution of the 19/20 models with the next generation of Fusionskin. For Nike, the Tiempo Legend looked to have taken inspiration from the extremely popular CTR360 series. In both cases the boots feel flat on their face. It might be just me, but the Legend 9 seems especially disappointing given how excited people were for its release. It makes me personally ask several questions. Like what is there plan, or does either company really care about leather boots when they seem to be doing the bare minimum.

It looks the part – but that’s it. Photo Credit SoccerShopKamo

The Copa Sense is weird because adidas put virtually no leather on the boot at all. It’s a shame because the leather forefoot is quite soft, but the rest of the boot is quite stiff. I know people like having more lockdown these days but most people buying leather boots would at least like them to be soft. And it does feel like the new Copa has gone backwards from the previous generation.

It is quite shocking because in the past you would have expected Nike to have put less leather on their leather silo, not adidas. Its just a strange move for a company that used to offer leather in all of their silos as recently as five years ago. Given the amount of Predator remakes we are getting these days, it almost seems like a better use of adidas’ time to drop the Copa silo and introduce a Predator Classic Silo. It would be a better use of the leather at least.

Might as well. Photo Credit: SoccerShopKamo

Nike has not had a “proper” Tiempo Legend since the 7th generation that was discontinued about three years ago. So many people got really hyped for the Legend 9 because of those CTR-like design cues but almost every review seems to say the boot is ok at best. It is just weird. The Legend 8 already seemed like it had too much tech packed into to it and while the Legend 9 dialed that back, it does not really capture what made a Tiempo special.

Shame because it looks great. Photo Credit: SoccerShopKamo

Now, it is not really a secret that Nike has wanted the Tiempo to go full synthetic for years and given how disappointing the current and previous generations of the Tiempo has been, maybe they will finally take that step. It is strange that considering Nike has dropped down to three silos, they seem to not even care about one (the PhantomGT) and the Tiempo was hyped up but has quickly been dropped from sight, with Nike putting all of their eggs in the Mercurial basket. It is understandable why they would do this since the Mercurial is the most popular football boot silo. At the same time, they will lose sales if they continue to ignore their other lines so much. I guess I should not care since that means it gives other brands a chance to fill those appetites.

Puma has not been mentioned but they seem like they could turn it around, though the new Platinum 21 is disappointing. At least it seems like we will only have to deal with it for a year so, cool, I guess?

Plenty of people would take these after trying the newest Tiempo. Photo Credit: BOOTHYPE

With Nike and adidas, people have every right to expect more because both companies have done more, and it was not even that long ago. They both have a long history of solid leather boots, and I am sure people could rattle off their favourites from either brand quite easily. On the flip side, I guess I should be thankful that they have done such a poor job with their leather boots means I do not feel tempted to do full reviews of either. Even the addition of HG plates does not tempt me. So, while I get to save money, I do feel for people who were expecting more. In the meantime, just buy Mizuno instead!

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2 thoughts on “Its OK Nike and Adidas – you can drop your leather Silos

  1. The Copa Sense is a disgrace, in my opinion. I have heard it is actually a great boot, but I can´t belive Adidas calls “copa” a bout that only has enough leather to cover a the nail of your toe. That boot, as good as it may be, should have another name.
    I long for a return of the Adipure, especially if it looks as nice as the Adipure 2, which is one of my all time favoutire looking boots. I also join your wish for a Predator Classic line. I think at this point Adidas knows that is what we want. I am sure they have seen it in SR4U and read it online. The only explanation for them not to release it is that -they hate us- they know that would canibalize their own Predator Line and I am sure making the knit boot is cheaper.

    I have different opinion on the Legend 9. Which I think is great and a lot of what people want. It is a simpler boot with a decent amount of leather, it is ligth and looks great. I think Nike actually listened and gave people what they want. I was a huge fan of the Legend 6 and hadn´t been tempted into a Legend until now.

    Contrary to a point you make, I think the Tiempo fills an important gap in the market and could actually steal costumers from Mizuno. I never understood the appeal of the Rebula Cup, particularly because it isn´t full leather. Legend 9 presents a cheaper option with more leather.

    In relation with Puma, their recent decision to shift the King Platinum really saddedns me. I am a huge fan of the previous model. That boot was not only gorgeous but also was an different proposition that other brands. The OG King Platinum offered something that wasn´t really on the market. Now, there seems to be no point in buying it. However, where I think the solution migth be is in the lazertouch options. It looks like Puma will be more serious about these options, having the models drop more frequently. The Ultra Lazertouch is the new King Platinum.

    Finally, there are many “indie” brands that sell leather boots, like Allure, Uno Zero, Cinquestelle and many more. But what I want to see and can´t understand why nobody has done is an indie brand making a Predator look a like. Come on, make kangaroo boots with rubber elements, we will go mental and buy it by the Kilo. Howcome nobody has done something like a Wave Ignitus? That would be much more unique than a “heritage” kangaroo boot, where I think the market is already full. I’ll take ten percent.


    1. Dang that first paragraph is spot on. I would love for the adiPure to come back, such a great series and there always seemed to be something for everyone. I think adidas is really misguided in the direction they are going with the Copa. I do agree that they probably don’t want a classic Predator line for the reason you said – they want to stick to knit for the most part.

      Fair enough on the Legend 9. I had not heard as many people be so positive about it, so it’s good that some people are getting what they wanted.

      They Rebula Cup is in a strange spot for sure, but I would argue that the Morelia II is supposed to be the Legend 9’s competition, and the Rebula Cup is supposed to stack up against the Predator and the Phantom GT. Though I definitely agree that the Ignitus needs to come back. I do love the Rebula Cup though.

      It kind of seems that Puma want to push the Lazertouch boots over the King Platinum, but hopefully they change the King Platinum for next year, this want seems so great and turned out so meh. What a waste.

      100% agree that one of these small brands should make a classic Predator-like boot. The market is absolutely there for it! We are also seeing a lot of classic kangaroo leather boots so something different would be great for sure. I’ll back you up on asking for 10%!


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