Tokyo Football Grip Sock Review

Bargain price, great performance

There is no doubting that there has been a massive increase in the companies that make grip socks these days. A lot of these brands seem to take one of two paths: decent, but inexpensive or higher, performance and higher price. But not too many socks seem to marry decent price with solid performance. Tokyo Football has looked to correct this with the release of their own line of grip socks. For those who do not know, Tokyo Football is a retailer based in Singapore that specializes mostly in Japan-model football boots.

Fit and Feel

The socks feel great on feet. I really appreciate the cushioning found on the toe and heel area that manages to balance comfort without making these parts overly thick. The fit is excellent because of the thinner material used on the rest of the sock that hugs the foot. The inclusion of a support band through the midfoot is also a nice touch that helps with the overall comfort and feel.

I was surprised that the sock only came in one size because normally this would mean you would lose out on the fit but that has not been the case with the TF socks. The fit and comfort meant that I ended up using these socks when I was doing some rehab training since it helped take pressure off my toes.

One of the things that is overlooked by a lot of companies making grip socks is making the socks anatomically shaped for a better fit. Too many brands opt for a straight tube sock, rather than left and right footed fits. This is not the case with the TF socks, which are structurally shaped for the feet. Personally, this is one of the most important aspects for a grip sock because if the fit isn’t there, it will negate a good amount of performance from the grip.

If you have read enough of my reviews, you will know that I am often disappointed with boots and socks fit on my heel. This is not the case with the TF socks, and I really liked the fit of the heel. It fit well, was snug without being too snug.

Speaking of the grip, in terms of comfort anyways, it does make the footbed thicker, but it was not something that bothered me during any of the sessions I used the socks.


One of the things that sets the Tokyo Football Grip Socks apart from many brands is the fact that they use grip on the inside of the sock as well as the outside. While the grip themselves are raised bumps, they felt comfortable during play and the added grip was noticeable.

The grip overall was solid, and I did not feel my foot sliding around at all. Since the socks have a good fit, this means that the grips are not trying to make up for a poor fit, as seems and is the case with other socks (see my GrpStar Grip Sock review).

Another thing that the TF deserves credit for is the fact that there are actually grips on the heel. This is important when it comes to keep the foot locked into the boot and given the fact that many companies seem to struggle with the heel fit on their boots, the TF socks are helpful in making up for this problem.

The only negative I found is that I didn’t think there needed to be as much grip through the arch on the inside of the sock. However, this has not been an issue for anyone else and BootWizard did not bring it up at all during his review.

Lastly, the durability has been solid. I have worn and washed the socks plenty of times and there has been no issues at all. Excellent.


Often when you come across a product that is more price-conscious, you have to give up something. With grip socks this tends to be the fit and part of the grip. Tokyo Football Grip Socks buck this trend, however, providing great fit with great grip and is an excellent option for everyone. The fact that the socks retail for $13.90 SGD ($10.27 USD, £7.37, 8.64EUR) makes the socks a no brainer even when you add in shipping. The socks punch far above their own weight in terms of fit and performance and when price is taken into account, they are a must buy for anyone looking for grip socks.

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7 thoughts on “Tokyo Football Grip Sock Review

  1. Thanks for this, I hadn’t heard of Tokyo Football at all! These socks look decent – the quality of sock, cushioning and dual dot design inside and outside remind me of my Falke grip socks – which are defo in the “high performance, high price” category you mentioned. So good to find a cheaper alternative that does the job!

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  2. I have 2 pairs of this and like using them generally as the grip dots somewhat provides a micro massage and I love walking around with it. But in football boots, I find it very thick due to the inner and outer rubber dots, stretching my boots that extra much and it doesn’t help that I have very wide feet.

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