GrpStar Grip Socks Review

Comfort at the expense of fit

GrpStar first really made a name for themselves with their unique SG studs that were designed to provide more grip. Moving into the competitive grip sock market seems like a natural progression for the brand and to their credit, they seem to be doing quite well for themselves. There is also their tie-up with Allure Calcio, which means a pair of GrpStar socks comes included with the boots. This is also how I got my pair. So thanks to Allure Calcio!

Fit and Feel

From the first wear the GrpStar socks are very comfortable. There is ample padding and even in stiffer synthetic boots your feet still feel wrapped in softness. The top of the foot also has some nice breathability which is quite necessary. It was also pleasantly surprising that you don’t feel the bumpiness of the grips when you have the socks on feet and they kind of just do their job.

Part of the reason the socks are so comfortable is because the bottom of the sock is quite thick. While this is the reason the socks are so comfortable, it also means your feet heat up a lot quicker. While this would be fine in winter, its terrible in summer and when they get wet, they feel that much heavier and sloppier.

The sloppiness also partially comes from the fact that the socks are only available in one size. They fit my feet decently well and there is a good amount of stretch so bigger-footed people shouldn’t have much trouble with these. But since they are once size and they are not anatomical, it also means that if your feet are on the narrower side, they will feel somewhat big. I also found there to be a little bit of bunching as well.

Which brings me to the biggest issue had with the sock’s fit: the heel. Throughout my testing period with the socks, I keep feeling my heel slide around in the back of my boots. I found this to be an issue with every boot I tried the socks in, not just the Allures. I feel that offering differ sizes would solve some of the fit issues though an anatomical fit would be the most desirable.


The grip is quite good and does a good job of sticking the insole of any shoe you try them with. It’s a real shame that its held back by the poor fit of the sock as a whole. It’s a shame because there is obviously some potential here but the sock overall doesn’t let itself perform because of the fit.

It has, however, held up well through testing and there were also no issues after washing the socks several times. Maybe if the grip went further up the heel it would also help the socks perform better.


The GrpStar Grip socks are so close to being something great but ultimately are let down by the sizing and fit issues. The brand clearly went to some effort with the socks, but given what else is available, they’re not my type of grip sock.

Though, it is understandable that some people might prefer these socks because they want that thick comfort that the socks provide. There is something to be said about some grip socks focusing too much on the grip and nothing else (TruSox), so there is space on the market for the GrpStar Grip socks. A little bit of tweaking would go a good ways for the brand.

What do you think about the GrpStar Grip Socks? Have you tried them? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!



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