Tabio Sports Five Finger Grip Socks Review

Top of the class.

Like Mizuno and ASICS boots, something that is also quite common among players in Japan is Tabio Sports’ Five Finger Grip socks. Several members of my team wear them, I have noticed a lot of people in my league wear them and every sports store in Japan carries stock of them. Heck, even when watching behind the scenes videos of Japan’s national teams on YouTube you can see some of the players wear them. Its hard to state how popular they are and along with the fact that they have started to become available in parts of Europe, I felt it appropriate to review them.

Fit and Feel

Its remarkable how well these socks fit my feet and most foot types. They are almost what a second skin would feel like. There is a little bit of cushioning on the heel and the toes, but not too much to they point that it feels in the way. The midfoot follows the arch of the foot directly and provides a good amount of support due to this. The sock also fits nice across the top of the foot as well.

One of the most notable things about this excellent fit is that it is achieved without bunching and any annoying seams. Many people will have issues with the seams of the sock bunching up and I feel that that is a reason why a lot of us cut our team socks.

The first time putting on the Five Finger socks is a little difficult, but it gets easier the more you wear them. This isn’t to say they get loose – far from it – rather, it just getting used to how the socks are. The excellent fit more than makes up for any annoyance, in my opinion. Tabio Sports does make a more “normal” type of grip sock, but I will have a review for those another day.

Not everyone might like how attached the fit issue, but I have not had any issues myself, or heard anyone complain about the socks being too tight. A majority of people who try the socks end up sticking with them and making them their go-to sock. It also helps that the socks are anatomically shaped, which further improves the fit.


The Five Finger socks have some nice grip located on the toes, forefoot and the heel. They are not as grippy as some other brands, but there is still a decent amount of grip on them. Its also quite durable as after owning the socks for over half a year and using them constantly the grip and fit have both held up well excellently.

The spots where the grip is located are also the parts of your foot that have the most contact and used the most when it comes to sprinting, stopping or cutting. Not having grip on the midfoot might be a drawback for some, but this does mean that the midfoot can be more focused on support and fitting the foot properly rather than changing the shape to accommodate more grip.


Part of the reason why the grip does work so well in the Tabio Sports Five Finger Grip socks is because its made to work in unison with the brilliant fit. In my opinion, I would rather have a sock with a great fit and less grip rather than the other way around. This is one of my criticisms of socks like TruSox, in which even with the right size sock, it feels like the grips are used to overcompensate for the poor fit.

Not everyone will like the tighter, close-to-skin fit but I think that a majority of people would benefit from giving Tabio Sports’ Five Finger socks a try as I feel that the fit is a huge benefit.

In my time testing to the socks, I have only grow to like them more and more and because of this they are my go-to socks. Excuse the hyperbole, but I believe this to be the best fitting football/soccer socks available. They’re just that good.

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