Mizuno Morelia Wave Tech Breakdown

The Rebuild Project produces excellence once again

The original Mizuno Morelia was released all the way back in 2003 to offer something to players who wanted a soft kangaroo leather upper but with more support and a grippier soleplate. Mizuno took its popular Wave technology and squeezed it into a football boot which as a result would help reduce injury and fatigue in the feet and joints. Though the boots had been discontinued in 2019, they have been brought back as part of Mizuno’s Rebuild Project series.

Since it is a Mizuno boot, the place to start is obviously the iconic kangaroo leather. It’s premium, it’s soft, it’s still by some way the best kangaroo leather on the market. The stitch pattern being used is surprisingly the same that was used on the second model rather than the original model. But the boot includes the fold-over tongue that was present on the original model.

Mizuno’s Wave tech that is used on this boot is only 4.5mm thick and according to Mizuno it provides 600% more cushioning than the regular Morelia. The outsole was originally designed by looking at players’ movement every millisecond and made it more maximum grip. What’s interesting about this soleplate is that it often popped up on some pro player’s boots from other silos, like the Ignitus.

Something that wasn’t on the original but that is a welcome inclusion on the remake is the inclusion of the same synthetic suede in the heel that is used in the Morelia Neo III. And another interesting thing about the remake is that it is using the same Professional Last that was used on the original rather than the Engineered Fit Last which is being used on the Morelia Neo III. This could possibly be because the model wasn’t discontinued all that long ago, so those lasts are still hanging around the factory somewhere.

I personally like how much stitching and rivets there are to put this boot together. It seems like it is built to be absolutely taken to war and survive. Top stuff. Mizuno also says that the boots are good on any surface, including AG.

Lastly, what a colourway. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

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All Images Credit: SportWebShoppers.https://www.sports-ws.com/


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