A reason why so many players are switching to the Nemziz

A win-win for adidas

Recently, there has been a large rise of players switching over to the adidas Nemeziz. It’s a surprising change given the fact that its pretty much a public secret at this point that the Nemeziz will be discontinued this year. Boot Wizard did a video on this recent phenomenon, which made him a very happy man, if you know his tastes.

It isn’t unusual for players to switch between boots, but the amount of players switching to the Nemeziz is quite surprising. James went over some of the bigger players who have switched over recently. He names 24 players who switched from the X into the Nemeziz and that was just doing a basic search.

A reasonable conclusion would be that a lot of players are trying to avoid the X and its something that James brings up in his video. The Nemeziz is softer out of the box than the X and it’s a bit easier to break in as well. There is also the possibility that some players prefer having a boot that feels closer to a knit. There are quite a few players who are still wearing the X 19.1 as well, like Derby County and Ireland’s Jason Knight, so this gives credence to that particular argument.

But there is another argument which makes a good amount of sense. If the leaked photos are to be believed, it seems like the new X will have a softer upper. Since the current X has seemed to have a low or slow uptake, with players like Japan’s Takefusa Kubo not switching into them until months after their release (even though he’s the headline player for them in Japan). It could be that adidas is pushing to have more players wear the Nemeziz into the lead up to the launch of the next X and when the New X releases, have all of the players who switched to the Nemeziz move into the new X. This would mean that overnight a whole slew of well-known players would be switching into the new boots.

This would create a win-win scenario for adidas. First off, it gives visibility and helps push sales of a boot that is soon to be discontinued. In the past, when it was well known that a boot was going to be killed off, sales would begin to sag even more, as was the case with the last generation of the F50. The second benefit of this argument is that it creates a lot of visibility to the new boots and encourages people who are wearing the Nemeziz to switch over to the new X. Again, visibility helps push sales.

Photo Credit: Gekisaka via BootsCulture

One of the biggest things to back this argument up is not only the fact that Nemeziz line is being killed off and nothing is replacing it, but also the fact that a big Nemeziz wearer has been spotted in a blackout prototype of the new X. Takumi Minamino of Japan and currently Southampton has been wearing the new X boot during some training sessions recently. Minamino has been the face of the Nemeziz line ever since it was introduced back in 2017. The fact that a headline player for a line is likely to switch over to the X is one of the biggest reasons why the argument that Nemeziz players will be switched over to the newest X when it drops.

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