Blog Update #6

Looking ahead

First of all, I greatly appreciate everyone’s continued support for the blog. This past week or so has been quite rough on a personal level so the fact that the blog readership is remaining steady is really pleasing. So, thank you.

Onto what’s coming next, the next review will be a surprise to some people and has been hinted at a little bit through The Boot Society’s Instagram page. Please look forward to that, it should be very interesting. As for other reviews coming up, there will be more chances this year to get boots into match action since my team will be in four different competitions. On top of that, it looks like the manager will be increasing the amount of practices per week, so as a result, I will probably be able to review boots at a quicker pace, time-wise.


After this coming surprise review, the review for the Mizuno Morelia UL will be up next. This will be followed by reviews for the ASICS DS Light X-Fly Pro and the Umbro Accerator. Beyond those two, I will try and get to some boots I didn’t have a chance to review last year, like the Gavic Mathieu Ten. There will also be a smaller, short review of Mizuno’s ZeroGlide laces and I am planning to do some reviews of the various grip socks that are popping in the market in Japan, like the Umbro Ninja Sox and the ASICS Grip socks.

Aside from all of that, I am always open to article suggestions and general feedback.

Lastly, there is a massive article on the horizon that I have been working at on and off for a while and this will (hopefully) mark the start of more articles with in-depth research being written. The flip side of these articles is that they will be more time consuming and because of that I would greatly appreciate any tips that ya’ll leave for me on my Ko-Fi!

Thank you again for the continued support!



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