Gatekeeping and collecting

A small but noticeable issue

One of the joys of collecting football boots is just how much stuff there is out there. There have been so many different releases that you could talk to several people and no two people would have the same favourites. Its nice to see variance in people’s collections from the most well-known collectors, like Derek from DLBootRoom down to us lesser-known nerds, like BootWizardBootReviews, x.quetzalcoatl.x and me.

Photo Credit: BootWizardBootReviews

In spite of this, there are a few issues that are slowly starting to creep their way into our little cozy part of the web. One of the most harmful of these issues is Gatekeeping. Gatekeeping is basically when somebody excludes someone else from their group because of arbitrary and/or made-up reasons. A good example of this is found in video game culture where some gamers will call other gamers “casuals” or things like that.

Photo Credit: X.Quetzalcoatl.x

There have occasionally been collectors being dismissive of other collectors for dumb things like someone who doesn’t collect Nike or adidas (no, I’m fine, thanks for asking). Other times, I have seen people dismissive of others because they don’t have tons of exclusives or “popular” boots. The reason why this can cause problems is because it begins to close the community to outsiders, when in reality, like most things, its open for everyone. Closing things to outsiders also stops things being as interesting in my view. Newcomers can bring fresh perspectives and fresh ideas.

Photo Credit: DlBootRoom

We should all strive to make the community as inclusive as possible. Obviously, this starts with things like including people regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation but at a smaller level, this also means not closing out the community from people just because of their preferences. Because if the community begins to close itself off, it becomes a smaller and more toxic place where people question each other’s credentials rather than listening to what we all have to say.

That being said, don’t be a dick to people. Because that does invalidate your opinions.

Have you seen any gatekeeping in the community? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!



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