Mizuno Morelia UL Tech Breakdown

A beloved model makes its return

All photos credit: SoccerShopKamo

The original Morelia UL released back in 2000 and underwent one model change in 2005 before the series was finally axed in 2015. It was one of the lightest leather boots around, coming in at 200 grams. Even several years after it was discontinued, it is still common to occasionally see players wearing them in Sunday League matches. Coming in at 175 grams, this new release of a gold colourway for the Morelia UL has been met with applause from footballers here. Since it has been such a long time, and since the model was only really well known to Mizuno die-hards outside of Japan, it’s a good chance to do a short tech breakdown of the boot.

There is only one place to begin and its with the glorious upper. A washable kangaroo leather makes up almost the entire upper and provides a ridiculously soft and comfortable fit. This is different from the original that used a Scotch-guard kangaroo leather. The stitch pattern is slightly different from a normal Morelia in that it adds some cross stitching on the sides of the forefoot. However, one thing that has changed from previous iterations of the Morelia UL is that this model is built on the same last as the current Morelia. This should mean that the heel cup is slightly more snug than previously.

The insole is made of a synthetic suede that also similar to the current Morelia. The midsole board is also using the same one that is found in the current Morelia. The lining of the heel cup is made with a soft brushed artificial suede to provide comfort and to help grip the back of your socks. There’s a nice callback to the original Morelia UL on the back of the heel through the use of the same Morelia font as the originals used back in 2000.

If you are on the fence about these, don’t be. Having worn several pairs of the previous generation, the Morelia UL is one of, if the, most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The fit is perfect and allows for a variety of different foot shapes and the touch on the ball is supreme. It’s very close to being the perfect boot. It is one of the top kangaroo leather boots ever made, and that can be said with no hesitation.

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