Desporte Campinas JP Pro1 Review

An impressive offering

Desporte was formed in Shizuoka, Japan in 2003 with the goal of creating top quality futsal shoes and apparel. The company’s motto is Quality Touch Control and they have strived to make shoes the are not only comfortable, but also supportive and a barefoot touch on the ball. Along the way, Desporte have managed to create the quite the following and they are ubiquitous in futsal as Mizuno are for regular footie. But popular doesn’t always equal good and there are a lot of much bigger brands who strive for the same goals. With all of this in mind, I started reviewing the Campinas JP Pro1 with excitement.

Fit and Feel

Before putting them on I was a little weary of them since they were bulkier than other indoor/futsal shoes that were my normal preference. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fit was excellent right from the start. The forefoot is made from a kangaroo leather that is quite soft out of the box and broke in within the first session of wear. The kangaroo leather flows a little into the midfoot as well which means the front part of the instep is covered in that nice kangaroo leather.

The mid to rear part of the boot is made out of a stiffer synthetic leather which provides a good amount of support. Despite the fact that this material is stiffer, it was still comfortable and provided structure to help keep the foot locked into the shoe. The tongue also helps with the structure and lockdown. It’s a stiffer tongue than other futsal shoes I have played in, but it has a nice amount of cushioning that not only kills the lacebite but provides added comfort on the top of the foot.

A place where a lot of modern futsal shoes (and boots for that matter) are let down is the heel. In the Campinas JP Pro1 however, there is just the right amount of cushioning that to be comfortable and not bulky in the slightest. This cushioning is also present around the ankle area as well, which stops there being a “bite” from the mouth of the shoe. The rest of the heel wraps the foot really well. It is from this synthetic that isn’t grippy but holds the sock well.

Part of what makes sure the foot doesn’t slide around is the not-overly grippy insole that works really well with every sock I tried the shoes with. There is also more cushioning to the insole than you would get from more than a few other indoors and there is a material Desporte uses called “NanNex” that runs the length of the insole. This material provides even more cushioning and helps with absorbing shock. One might think this means that the shoes are overly spongy on the bottom of the foot, but this isn’t the case. They are comfortable and cushioned while still feeling solid during play.

For sizing, I went true to size and the fit was excellent. There is some stretch to the kangaroo leather but after around a month of constant use, it hasn’t overstretched at all. The synthetic toe cap helps with that.

Touch and Dribbling

As one might expect, the kangaroo leather gives a lovely, natural touch on the ball. I found that I actually prefer the touch on the ball on the Campinas more than my Monarcida Sala. Part of this comes down to the fact that the leather is slightly thicker on the Desporte than the Mizuno. The leather has also been conditioned differently and it feels a bit softer than the Monarcida.

The soleplate is thicker on these but there is a good amount of flex on the forefoot and even though the soleplate is more solid in the midfoot, I personally appreciated this as I found that my feet felt more comfortable and supported in the Campinas. Since the midfoot is made of synthetic, this might be a detriment in some people’s eyes, but I actually found this to me more of a bonus than I was expecting. This is again down to the support it provided, and it stopped my foot from flexing in any weird ways.

Its also grippier on the bottom than other indoor shoes I have worn, and it allowed me to roll the ball around the bottom of my foot a lot easier. Its because of this that I noticed I was starting to use the bottom of my foot more when controlling the ball.

Passing and Shooting

Having the stability the Campinas provides means that it feels a lot more solid when you are passing or shooting the ball. If you think about your standing leg when making a pass or shooting, if you have less stability, its harder to keep your ankle locked and control your form. When you have more stability on your standing leg, passes and shots are easier to pull off.

Of course, kangaroo leather is usually expected to perform well in this department and there are no real surprises that the Desporte performs well here. Like previously mentioned, having the leather continue closer to the midfoot rather than just being specifically on the forefoot means that there is just that bit more softness available. The cushioned tongue means that you can absolutely hammer the ball when striking it with your laces with no negative feedback and as an aside, it also means that getting stepped on doesn’t hurt as much.


This is probably the part where only being a futsal brand gives Desporte a big advantage. Indoor solplates are often an afterthought and more than a few brands just create a generic soleplate for their futsal shoes. With the Campinas, you can tell more thought has been put into the soleplate design and how it will perform. There is plenty of grip, but not so much that you feel like you are stuck to the floor. I didn’t even need to once wipe the bottom of the shoes to me more grip after playing them for a while. Solid performance. A thing too about the durability: even after all the time wearing the Campinas no part of the soleplate has worn down. They look exactly the as they did the day I bought them.


There is nothing I like more than being given a new go to. I like the Campinas JP Pro1 so much that they are now my main option for futsal/indoor. It’s been pleasantly surprising how much I have enjoyed playing in these. Desporte is now a brand to look out for when looking at a new pair of indoor shoes. Best part, they ship internationally from their website. Although it looks like the Campinas JP Pro model has been dropped, I am confident in sticking my neck out and saying Desporte’s top end futsal shoes are definitely worth trying because for now, it looks like that’s the brand I will be looking to for my next pair of futsal shoes.

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