Mizuno Monarcida Neo 2 Series Tech Breakdown

Mizuno updates one of its most popular series

All Photos Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

In the wider world, the Monarcida series has never really been available, much less have an impact. Inside of Japan however, the Monarcida series is one of the reasons the Runbird dominates the market. Every new release in this launch ensures that there is something for everyone, at almost every price. Normally I would rant about 6 models being released at once, but in this case, it’s more like variations of the same line. Here, we’ll have a short tech breakdown for each model.

Mornarcida Neo 2 Japan

The headline model of the series is handmade in Japan and has the same outsole they use on the Morelia Neo III Japan. Its also built on the same last as the Neo III Japan. The forefoot is made of a washable kangaroo leather and now has the same stitch pattern as its older brother. The midfoot has also been redesigned and has switched from an artificial leather to a microfibre in order to decrease the amount of moisture the upper picks up.

Its also now has a thinner 4mm shoelace and comes with the Zero Glide Cup insole which is 2.5 times grippier than normal insoles. The inside of the heel now has a brushed, soft microfibre for comfort and to help grip the socks. Lastly, they have also increased the rubberized coating on the toebox so that the boot is more durable, no matter the type of pitch its used on.

Monarcida Neo 2 Wide Japan

This boot is also made in Japan and uses the same micro taffeta lining that is used in Morelia 2 Japan. This material allows the leather to form to the foot without overstretching. The last on the Monarcida Neo 2 has also been updated in order to better fit the foot and like the regular Monarcida Neo 2 it uses the same washable kangaroo leather. It also has a microfibre midfoot and a brushed heel liner.

The boot also has the Zero Glide Cup insole and uses the same outsole as the regular Morelia 2 Japan. Again, the rubberized part of the toebox has been increased for more durability. If I remember correctly, the width is between a 2E to a 3E on these.

Monarcida Neo 2 Pro

This boot is quite interesting because in some ways it’s a synthetic Neo III. It uses the same last, has the same soleplate and similar lines in the upper. Its made of an artificial leather that is designed to somewhat mimic real leather and keeps the microfibre midfoot that other boots in this series have.

The Monarcida Neo 2 Pro also has a thinner tongue than the regular Neo and has a thinner brushed lining. The insoles are also slightly different as they are the “Lite” version of the Zero Glide Cup insole, which doesn’t have as much grip but will still get the job done.

Monarcida Neo 2 SW KL

A super wide (SW) model of this series, with a width that is about a 3E to 4E. Has the washable kangaroo leather upper and the microfibre suede lining. The outsole is quite interesting here because the studs are designed to sit closer to the outer part of the outsole in order to help support the foot. Considering how many issues people with wide feet have with “wide” models, this is a smart idea. This insole is the same Zero Glide Cup Lite insole that’s found on the Monarcida Neo 2 Pro.

Monarcida Neo 2 SW

Similar to above except with an artificial leather forefoot instead of the washable kangaroo leather. Still has that awesome soleplate though.

Monarcida Neo 2 Select

The entry-level model of this series. Has a soft microfibre upper and a basic soleplate. Should be noted that this model also fits slightly on the wider side as well.

That sums up the releases in this series, the Monarcida Neo 2 Japan and the Monarcida Neo 2 Pro in particular stand out to me. Considering how popular the Monarcida Neo Japan series has been in the past, I fully expect this to continue with these newest releases.

What do you think of the Monarcida series? Would you like to see Mizuno release more of these boots overseas? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!



60 thoughts on “Mizuno Monarcida Neo 2 Series Tech Breakdown

  1. Hello!

    Thank you very much for your reviews, I have been looking for a 3e + wide soccer shoe for a very long time. I recently purchased a Mizuno Monarcida SW KL, to be shipped to Vancouver, Canada.

    Could you tell me about the shape of the studs on the SW KL? They look like a diamond shape, and this is something that makes me hesitate; I would prefer round/conical studs. Do you think the shape of these studs on the outsole is suitable for artificial grass?

    Also, could you compare the width of the Neo 2 Wide Japan with the SW KL? I understand the difference is 3E vs 4E, but I am wondering about the rubberized toe box; does the rubber on the toe box prevent the kangaroo leather from stretching? My feet are somewhere around 5E or 6E wide, so I usually need to have kangaroo Leather that can stretch in the toe box, and I am interested in choosing the Neo 2 Wide Japan over the SW KL because of the round studs on the Neo 2 Wide Japan, but I don’t know if the rubber on the leather toe box will be too restrictive.

    If I find that the diamond studs on the SW KL are too sharp or too dangerous for artificial grass, then I want to use sandpaper to make their shape rounder; do you know what material the outsole is made out of, and any tips on how or if I should make this modification?


    Alvin Zhao – Vancouver, Canada


    1. Hey!

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. I have a teammate who has a pair and he loves them. We play mostly on turf here, but he doesn’t seem to have any issues.

      As far as the rubberized toebox, its really there for durability and it doesn’t prevent stretching. You should still expect some stretching with the boot, which should be helpful for you.

      Normally, most brands use a type of thermalplastic for their studs. They do this because the material is normally a bit softer and absorbs stud pressure better. You should be able to round out the studs a bit if you need to. There’s an old trick that Jason from BOOTHYPE has used before where you use sandpaper to wear down the studs a bit so that they’re shorter for AG. You might want to double-check with him on Instagram just in case since I haven’t done it before. His handle is @nosajbootreviews. He’s a great guy. Should help you out.

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      1. Hi thanks for the reply!

        Do you know if the Monarcida SW KL is true size? I am normally a US 9, so should I order 27.0cm or 26.5cm? I am asking the sales rep of the company I have ordered from about this right now, and I am waiting for his feedback. I have worn Tiempo Legend IV at size 9.5 US ( I think it’s this exact model: https://www.prodirectsoccer.com/us/products/nike-soccer-shoes-nike-tiempo-legend-iv-fg-firm-ground-soccer-cleats-whitetreasure-bluemetallic-silver-32842.aspx), and Diadora Brasil OG at 8.5 US (they are a 1/2 size larger than all other brands- the US 9 OG Blackout version was too big for me).

        Do you know what size I should go for in the Monarcida SW KL? How did the sizing work for your teammate?


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  2. Hi!

    I received my order today (13 days shipping time from date of order from Japan to Vancouver), so I’d like to share my first impressions.

    I ordered the Monarcida SW KL in size 26.5cm (8.5 US), a half size down from my usual size 9 US. My exact foot length is about 26.5-26.6cm long, and about 11.2 cm wide at the widest portion of my foot (between the ball of my foot and midfoot).
    I measured my foot length by putting a piece of paper with the edge square to a wall, and putting my heel against the wall and marking at the longest point at the toes with a fine point pen, so the measurement is fairly precise (particularly because I remeasured several times).

    The length fit of the size 26.5cm is PERFECT for me; there is about 4mm of space between the front of my toes and the absolute limit of the toebox, and I feel a slight compression from the fit out of the box that will clearly mould into a perfect fit as the KL leather stretches and shapes over time.

    The toebox is slightly higher than most models, and although I have larger toes that sometimes don’t fit properly into other models of shoe (for example the Nike Premier 1, which I simply could not fit into because of the low toe height, even after trying for a long time), the shoe fits somewhat comfortably in this regard out of the box. I am certain that with time and wear the KL will stretch to the perfect fit. The toebox is not pointy, it is a bit wide and rounded, which suits me very well since I have Roman shape feet (big toe, second toe and third toe are all long and about the same length, with 4th and 5th toe decreasing in length), and so this shoe fits my toes very well.

    The width is quite good. I am around a 5e-6e wide foot, so I think I could actually use a little bit more width, but this is probably the only model of soccer shoes I’ve tried where I don’t have significant overspill on the soleplate. The width is close to perfect; I would prefer only perhaps 2-3mm more on each side for the perfect width fit on the sole plate for my particular feet.

    Thanks again for your article!



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    1. Yessssss. I’m so happy they worked out for you.
      I also appreciate the feedback on these since it’s not a model I’m likely to wear. I also prefer boots with a higher toebox since my big toe is quite large. I also have a Roman foot type and its not something people bring up often enough. Its hard for some people to understand why certain boots don’t fit them. But your foot type is such a massive factor.

      Really happy you got some boots that worked out! Enjoy!



  3. Hi again!

    Do you know whether I should use leather cream on this k-leather type? I have some Chelsea leather cream that I used on my Diadora Brasils, but I don’t know if I should use them on these Monarcida SW KL.




    1. Hi! How’s it going?

      Yeah, you should be fine. Once the leather is fully broken it will work well. I normally use leather cream on my Mizuno boots, though Mizuno does have a specific cream they make themselves here.


  4. Hey, great article. Have you heard of the regular, Mizuno Monarcida 2? Not the Monarcida Neo 2, it does not have the “Neo” in the name. This boot looks good to me. It is wider, chunkier, and more solid-looking, than the Neo. It looks similar to the Mizuno Morelia II, but with different stiching patterns. There are some MIJ models, for sale on Ebay as well.

    It looks like a winner, to me. Since Indonesian-made, Morelia’s, (the regular ones, not the Neo), seem to have disappeared from the market, it is hard to find a proper, football boot, without spending $200+, on Morelia II’s. Nike has also discontinued the Premier FG, I can’t find a place to try on Diadora Brasil’s, etc. It is hard out here, for a guy that just likes, solid, kangaroo leather boots!!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for reading! Yeah I have heard of the Monarcida 2. A couple of guys on my team wear them. They’re really good boots. There is a Morelia Elite model now that is made in Indonesia but the Monarcida will be better if you’re looking for that wider fit. It really sucks that a lot of places are cutting back on leather boots. There is absolutely a huge market there, still. I always found the Nike Premier to be a bit on the narrow side and there’s almost no support to the boot at all. The Diadora Brasil are nice boots but I do wish the heel had a bit more cushioning. Definitely think you should go for the Monarcida 2.


      1. Great, thanks for the update. I believe that you mentioned, roughly 1 or 2 years ago, that the last for Mizuno boots, has changed. Which made the whole shoe line, roughly 0.5 US sizes smaller. Since my size in Indonesian-made Morelia’s, (from 3+ years ago), is: US 11, EUR 44.5, JP 29.0, UK 10

        Do you think I should get: US 10.5, EUR 44, JP 28.5, UK 9.5 ????

        I guess you could consider my interest, applicable to all of these Mizuno boots then: Morelia II, Rebula Cup (MIJ and Elite), and the Monarcida 2 (MIJ). Also, I was completely unaware, that the Mizuno Morelia “Elite”, is basically the Indonesian-made Morelia II’s. I’m a big fan of the Indonesian Morelia II, (especially because of the price, usually $100+ cheaper). Only thing I don’t like about them is the paper-thin, cheap insole, that slides around all over the place, and even pops up, out of the boot, during games. (Easy problem to solve though). Anyway, I really appreciate your perspective on these matters.

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      2. Ah, you initially post on BigSoccer, right? Was gonna shoot you a reply on there later today. The last has changed. If your current size in snug, and you prefer to have a little bit of space, stay true to size. Otherwise go half a size down, but only in the Morelia II. The Rebula Cup series still runs true to size. I wear a 26cm in the Morelia II Japan and a 26.5cm in the Rebula Cup Japan. The Monarcida 2 also seems to be true to size still, though I haven’t worn it personally.
        Yeah, there is that insole drawback with the Morelia II Elite, but like you said, easy problem to solve. And they’re still great boots.
        Happy to help!


      3. Great, thanks for the insight. Yea, Nike ticks me off. When the Premier FG, first hit the stores, I was able to try them on, in the USA. I found the size that fit me, (11.5 US), and made a note of it. At the time, I had a pair of MIJ Morelia’s, that were still going strong. After a few years, those Morelia’s died, and I bought a pair of Nike Premier 2, (the “2” is important here), off of Ebay. That same size, 11.5 US, yet they fit too short when they arrived!

        I need to either make a half size, more length, on this Premier II, or sell them off. (Spraying them with water during a couple practice sessions, and hope they stretch). So after all of these years, I still haven’t even tried the Premier line. Diadora also ticks me off, because they had downgraded the quality, of their Brasil, in the 2010’s. The Brasil still had a good look, but it was a bad shoe. Made in China, bad-quality materials, and bad build quality. Diadora basically fell off, and stores no longer carried their products. Well, a couple years ago, they decided to get their act together? Now making good quality boots, from Italy, with good kangaroo and full-grain leather? Now it is difficult to find their shoes, unless you “click and pray”, that the shoe will fit you, off of the online stores.

        Since the Indonesian Morelia II, (the “Elite”), is available, I wonder if I should go 0.5 US sizes down, on that as well? Nevertheless, I am confident with Mizuno. Right now, I am very interested in either: Morelia II (MIJ or Indonesian), Rebula (V3 or Rebula Cup, MIJ or “Elite), and the Monarcida 2 (MIJ or Indonesian (if there is an “Elite” model of that boot)). Thanks again for the insight into this stuff.

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      4. You’re welcome. Ah man, that’s gotta be frustrating with the Premier. Nike’s sizing is always so weird.
        Yeah, Diadora definitely dropped for a while there, but finally they make good boots again. It is frustrating trying to figure out your size. From what I’ve personally experienced, half a size down in Diadora has worked for me.
        Hmmmm, I’m not 100% sure about the sizing on the Elite. They’re not available in Japan. Maybe stay true to size just to be safe, worse case scenario it’ll be slightly long.
        Let me know what you go with! You’re welcome, happy to help!


      5. Hi Ryan,

        I bought a pair of Diadora Brasil OG Blackouts last year. I loved the look and feel of it, but the fit at size 9 US was about half a size too large. But the sumptuous leather quality was some of the best I’d ever felt, and the wider fit of the shoe was something I wanted to try on at the proper sizing, so I gave it another go and bought a size 8.5 US Black/white OGs. To my shock, when I received these black/white OG’s at size 8.5 US, they were about a quarter size or 1/3 size too small, and also clearly a significantly narrower build than the Blackout version; the leather quality was also a clear notch below the quality of the Blackout version. I can’t wear either of these boots as a result- the 8.5 US Black/white is too short to wear- they actually hurt my feet and I tried using Chelsea leather cream and breaking them in for a few weeks which helped but did not get me enough stretch to comfortably wear them. On the other side the size 9 Blackouts are just a half size too big to wear properly.

        So it is a really tricky thing to try to buy the correct sizing for the Diadora Brasils, and I can’t recommend them. I do see some promise in some of their intentions and achievements in the boot, but i’ve been quite put off by this strange sizing inconsistency. This is very perplexing because the release dates of these models are only about a half year apart- the Black/white OGs came out sometime in early/mid 2016, and the Blackout OGs came out late 2016/early 2017. If I ever get the chance to grab a pair of Blackout OGs in size 8.5 US, I might give it one last try, but I absolutely do not recommend the black/white 2016 brasil OGs, which are a significantly inferior version of the shoe. I’m not sure what the 2018 or later Brasil OGs are like, and I’d hope they are more like the Blackout OGs which are quite impressive, but I haven’t seen anything other than these pre 2017 version models in physical stores, which seem to be trying to clear out their unsold stock.

        In the meantime I’m using a pair of size 8.5 US Monarcida SW KLs, which are almost perfect in length, and have ok comfort for a very wide footed person. The stitching design means the leather doesn’t quite stretch like I’d prefer to get more volume in the toebox, but the wider stud placement does give noticeable stability advantages, and I’m satisfied with my purchase so far. The fit straight out of the box is certainly one of the best I’ve ever had. For reference, I tried the Puma Future 6.1 Blk/Blk in the summer and It simply was not wide enough to fit my feet, and this is said to be the very best synthetic boot option for people with wide feet.




      6. Hello Alvin,

        Wow, your response shows, how frustrating it can be, buying shoes online. I have been in that situation before, myself. Over a couple times, buying a shoe on Ebay, that was too short, then buying the bigger size, afterwards. Usually for me, the next purchase, of the bigger size, worked out. (Umbro Speciali Statement: Going from 10.5 US to 11 US, they fit just like Nike Tiempo Legend IV’s).

        Also, what a coincidence, with Diadora as well. Specifically, the Diadora Maracana RTX 12. The shoe had K-leather, a good form for my foot, at a pretty cheap price, compared to Brasil’s. I must’ve bought and sold 3 different sizes. When I finally figured out the correct size, in terms of length. Those shoes still did not work out for me. It took me weeks to figure out the problem. They had an assymetrical lacing system, that did not tie tight enough, no matter how tight I made the laces, (even at 100% tightness). They kept getting loose in games. So frustrating. To their credit, Diadora kept the sizing consistent, through the years, and different colorways. Furthermore, at the time, the Maracana was a success for Diadora, with many players praising them, for their performance, build quality, and cheaper price, than typical K-leather boots.

        That is why Diadora needs to send their shoes back, into stores. Although it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort, and money, on their end. I know that there is fierce competition, from Nike and Adidas, to attack the smaller brands. It is very upsetting, seeing what these big corporations have done, to the football boot market. Nike and Adidas dominate everyone, and force their products in the physical, Sporting Goods stores. Making it very difficult, for players to try on other shoes, like Mizuno and Diadora.

        Thank your very much, for providing your experiences, with the newer Diadora Brasil’s. It is a sobering story. I was 99% there, about to pull the trigger online, for Diadora Brasil Italy’s. But again, the sizing issues, made me reticent about it. Sometimes, when you buy a shoe from an online store, it is nearly impossible to return it. Or, the return cost is $10+, if the store is from overseas. Then, you have to try selling them on Ebay, (which I have developed great experience with, over the years), lol!!!


    2. Oh man, I just pulled these Premier’s out, and realized they are the OG Premiers. It has been so long, that I forgot the story. The Premier’s that I have, are the original, the Nike Premier FG. The black and white fit me, in 11.5 US, in-store. Then I found a different pair of Premier FG’s, on Ebay, (but a different colorway. This is the important part.) So same size (11.5 US), same shoe, but different color, and those were too short!!

      Yea, I’m definitely gonna sell these Premier’s. I have also heard that they have bad durability. (Many reviewers saying, that they last less than 3 months). The leather separating from the soleplate, what a surprise! Same old story, with Nike’s. I mean, just compare the two soleplates, of the Premier vs the Monarcida 2 MIJ. The Monarcida has multiple rivets, in the front and rear. The build quality is so much better, with the Mizuno boot. Both of my Morelia’s, lasted years, before death. Nike is just a giant, wicked company, that doesn’t care about football players, imho. These Premier’s are like McDonald’s to me, whereas Mizuno boots, are a healthy, home-cooked meal, with good ingredients.

      Mizuno is the way forward, for football lovers. No doubt, I’ve got my sights on those Monarcida 2 MIJ’s, or another Mizuno boot, if it falls through. Will keep you posted, have a good one.

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      1. So the same shoe fit differently? That’s so bizarre.
        Yeah, durability is hit and miss with the Premiers. Mizuno always lasts ages for me. I’ve got a pair of Morelia II Japan that I bought to review back at the start of 2020. They’re still in fantastic condition.
        That’s a great way of comparing Nike and Mizuno haha.
        Definitely agree. There’s some smaller brands making moves as well. But Mizuno is definitely king when it comes to leather boots.
        Awesome! You too!


      2. Alright, so I bought the Monarcida 2 (MIJ), in my size, for older Morelia’s, (size 11 US). They are being shipped overseas, from a Japanese Ebay seller, so it may take a while, but I will let you know impressions, later on. Excited about them, they look like Morelia’s, with a different vamp pattern. Kangaroo leather, Mizuno build quality, etc, they look like the business!

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      3. Man, so the Japanese Ebay seller, was one of those guys, that lists a product, without having it in stock, at the moment. He messaged me, saying he did not have my size, after the purchase. BUT he did have the Monarcida 1 MIJ, in my size. So I told him to send those, instead of cancelling my order.

        The Monarcida 1, looks almost identical, to the Monarcida 2. However, there is this rough, “sandpaper” looking material, on the bottom region of the K-leather forefoot. Logically, it seems to be for durability. Which could be a double-edged sword. The boot will last longer, from friction against grass and dirt, (there are some dirt patches, where I play), but the player also loses some feel on the ball, in that area. It seems to me, since that area is not pure Kangaroo Leather. Who knows, I will find out in real life, when they arrive, excited about them! Will keep you posted.

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      4. That sandpapery material is a nice addition though. It’s just applied on top of the the k leather. It still breaks in easily. Yeah, very stoked to hear your thoughts


      5. Interesting. I wonder why the Monarcida 2 does not have that coating, yet the Monarcida 1 has it. Also interesting to see it on the Monarcida Neo 2 MIJ, (the top of the line Monarcida Neo). Yet it does not appear on the Monarcida Neo 2 Pro.

        Now I am looking forward to see how they play, with the coating. I’m just excited about the Mizuno Monarcida line in general. I have obviously, seen this line, a couple years ago. But I thought it was a cheap, economical family. SImilar to the Mizuno Morelia Club line, where the price was cheap, and the leather was artificial, on the boot, instead of Full-Grain or Kangaroo. But no, the top Monarcida is MIJ, made in the same factory as the MIJ Morelia, has K-leather, has that great Morelia MIJ soleplate and stud-pattern, etc, etc. All good stuff. The specific code for the boot I got, is: P1GA1921. It is this strong orange color, (not my favorite), but it could be worse, lol.

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      6. Yeah, it’s a bit of weird change, but maybe they’re more confident of the durability of the leather.
        Yeah, the top of the Monarcida line is nice and very popular here. That orange is a bit much for me as well, but I’d wear it if that’s what was available


      7. Alright, they arrived. They fit very nicely for me, in a US 11. Fit is very similar to my 4 year-old, Morelia’s from Indonesia. I believe these were made in 2019. (I also didn’t notice a size difference between Japanese and Indonesian Morelia’s, both fit great in US 11).

        Well, once my Morelia’s die, I’m gonna put these through their paces. Although my Morelia’s still may have months, to years left in them. Who knows, but i needed a good pair in case they fail soon. The k-leather on the bottom forefoot area, is starting to look vulnerable. Nevertheless, so impressed with the durability and performance of Morelia’s. My best performing and most comfortable boot of all time. (Would like to try Italian Diadora Brasil’s one day though).

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      8. Ah nice! Happy the sizing was good! Yeah, I think they’re from 2019. Sizing has mostly been consistent with Mizuno over the years.

        It’s always good to have a backup anyways but hopefully your Morelia for last for a bit long. Happy you love the Morelia so much!
        You definitely should try the Brasil Italia at some point. Maybe grab a pair during a black Friday sale or something


      9. If you really want to try Diadora Brasil then you can try soccer.com or prodirectsoccer.com, i’ve seen their prices drop to around $130-140 US. From my experience the Made in Italy version has extremely good leather but the heel design allows for alot of heel slippage. For sizing typically it’s about 1/2 a size larger than normal, so for example if you are a size 10 US, you should order 9.5 US. Soccer.com does free returns within 30 days and they cover the shipping return cost if you live in the US, if you don’t live in the US you get the cost of the shoe returned, but have to pay for shipping yourself.

        I am tempted to try the slightly lower tier K-leather not made in italy version someday, because it seems like the heel has more heel lockdown due to a more conventional rounded shape rather than being as square as the Made-in-Italy version, and in general that slightly lower tier model seems to be extremely good value for money and slightly higher rated for satisfaction on average.


      10. -aglockhart

        Yes, well what i do, is play until my boot fails, (develops a hole, etc), and then replace it. The replacement will have already gone through at least one practice session. (In my case this works, since Morelia’s have a very quick break-in time, dont give me blisters, calluses, etc.)

        A player has to have a good pair, waiting to replace it, imho. I’m not gonna use flats, or even turf shoes on grass. Unless i run out of money or something.

        Yes, you are right, Mizuno has been veey consistent with their sizing. I’m excited to have a good backup now. These Monarcida 1’s are quite impressive. I only walked around in them, but they feel like Morelia’s, (which means excellent). The material in the midfoot seems to be a synthetic, unlike the leather of Morelia’s, which seems to give a better lockdown. I am confident that they will have great touch, performance, stability, durability, etc.

        But yeah, I am a big fan of Morelia’s. They are an excellent combination of touch, quickness, solidity, weight, strength, stability, great fit, etc, etc. One of the top 3 boots of all time, imho. I’ve tried the Neo. Didn’t like the narrower fit, and the whole concept, of stripping down a boot, to save weight. That means cutting crucial materials, in important areas. The Neo did not fit as sound as the Morelia, nor did it feel as confident, and solid. Furthermore, Morelia’s are a good weight, they have never slowed me down, so I don’t see the appeal. Especially for the mediocre boots, from Nike and Adidas.

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      11. I did do something similar before starting this blog. I love how quickly the Morelia breaks in!

        Absolutely agree. There should always be another pair waiting in the wings.

        Yeah, only recently has the sizing changed for some boots. The lockdown should be little better because of that synthetic. Great all around boot.

        The Morelia Neo is super popular, but I agree with you. I prefer the regular Morelia. It’s more balanced than other boots.


  5. Any idea why there is not a Japan version of the SW (super wide) boots? How much better are the Japan versions of Mizuno boots? I’m thinking of getting some monarcida neo SW KL boots but I wish there was a made in Japan version. Thanks for the review s!


    1. I imagine it comes down to consumer demand and feeling the wide option is good enough. Really what you’re getting with the Japan models are a better fit and better leather quality. It just depends on what you’re looking for


  6. Hey @alvinfzhao,

    (I don’t know if you will ever see this, but just in case), I’m in the same boat as you were and trying to buy the Neo Monarcida Neo II SW KL. You said your foot length was 26.5 cm and you went for the 26.5 cm size boot. I’m a bit confused about this; I would have thought you would order a shoe that would be larger than your foot length, so if you were a 26.5 cm, I would’ve thought you would order a 27.0 cm to have a big of wiggle room. Am I misunderstanding things?

    Do you still like your monarcida’s or have you found something better? I also have a really wide foot (4E) and I would love to get a better boot instead of the Nikes Superfly 6s I have now.



  7. Hey there,

    So after reading this blog post, I was convinced to cough up the money to buy a pair of Monarcida Neo 2 SW KL boots all the way from Japan to the US. My feet are pretty wide (4E) and I currently wear Nike Superfly 6’s which aren’t exactly the best for wide feet.

    Right out the box, the Monarcida’s are much more comfortable width-wise. My feet don’t feel suffocated unlike when I get a pair of new Nike boots. My ONLY complaint so far is that it’s slightly too long, but perfect width-wise. Should I go down half a size and hope that the kangaroo leather stretches to fit my wide feet? Or is this as good as it gets for my case?

    Thanks @aglockhart!

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      1. So I got my 26.5 cm Monarcidas and have worn them a handful of times. The length is right, but the width is still a bit tight. I’m hoping it will stretch and be as wide as the 27 cm I bought that were too long. This could be a placebo effect, but I think the wider studs on the SW Monarcida give me more balance.

        I was wearing Nike Superfly 6s before this, and there is a huge difference between the two shoes. The Monarcidas are much more comfortable and seem like a more natural fit to my feet. The downsides are that I can’t get as much heel lockdown on the Monarcidas compare to the Superflys and it’s going to take a bit to get used to the looseness in the heel when running. I also think the Monarcidas grip (for lack of a better word) the ball better than the Superflys; elasticos with the Monarcidas seem much easier and maybe Kangaroo leather is stickier (for lack of a better word)? Finally, I feel like I have a larger flatter surface on my instep on the Monarcidas.

        So far, cautiously optimistic with buying the Monarcidas and hoping it will stretch just a bit more. I’m thinking of buying a shoe stretcher to make things a bit easier instead of the other methods I’ve heard like soaking the shoes in hot water.

        Question – I saw on the Mizuno website that they are planning on releasing a new Monarcida Neo II SW KL this month; the model number is P1GA2227 . Is there any difference with this new one besides the colorway?

        Thanks for your reviews!

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      2. Oh good! I think that the leather will stretch to your foot in time. Wider studs will help will balance and feeling that the boots are right mentally will help as well.

        Leather is always going to feet more comfortable than synthetic. Maybe try making a runner’s knot and see if that helps with the heel lockdown. I often feel that leather gives a better touch on the ball than knit, even in the wet. That large, flatter surface is probably because the boots are wider overall and fit your foot more naturally.

        Try the shoe stretcher first, that should better than the hot water trick.

        Just the colourway is new, that’s all.

        You’re welcome! And thank you for your feedback!


  8. Andrew, I recently saw that Hummel makes some 4e wide boots, in particular the Hummel Vollato 2 is available on Amazon Japan; any thoughts on how that brand compares to Mizuno? I have “roman” type feet, and I wonder if.a Danish company would do any better than a Japanese one since I read a large portion of Japanese ppl have Roman feet. Thx again!

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    1. Hey, so Hummel’s Japanese branch is actually run by a company called SSK. So it’s technically a Japanese company, at least for the footie products available in Japan.


  9. How do you recommend caring for k-leather cleats? Do you use any type of waterproofing conditioners or waxes? Just got my Monarcidas and wanna take good care of them since it’s so tough to buy them where I live. Thanks!

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    1. I highly recommend: (1) Chelsea Leather Food, or (2) Pecard Leather Dressing, for K-leather boots. The Chelsea is more expensive, ime. I have owned K-leather boots that have lasted 3+ years. Roughly once, after two games: Take a wet rag, (only water should suffice, be careful of harsh soaps/chemicals). Get the mud, dirt out, (softly wiping the upper of the boot). Get it as clean as possible. Then, let it dry for a few minutes. Then, I apply the leather food with my finger. (They usually recommend a rag or paper towel, but I feel that this soaks up some of the precious leather food). Plus, it is easier to get into the nooks-and-crannies, with your fingers. Also it is very easy to wash your hands after, with warm water. The Leather Food comes right off, no residue that I can speak of. Good luck!

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  10. What’s your experience with the Zero Glide Cup lite insoles? I bought some SW Monarcidas and the insoles that come with it have started wearing out after only a month or so of playing.

    Are the non-lite/regular Zero Glide Cup insoles any better in terms of durability? How much grippier are they compared to the lite ones?

    Thanks again for all your answers!

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  11. Hey there, I wanted to ask about the sizing in the Mizuno Monarcida MIJ 2’s.

    I’ve heard that the outsole is the same as the MIJ Neo 3’s and the majority of reviews have recommended going a half size down as they run slightly long.

    My foot is exactly 25.5CM (size 7.5US) and I own a pair of Morelia 2 Elites in size 25.5cm but they are too tight to the point where I think I should have gone up half a size.

    In this case would the 25.5cm (7.5US) for the Monarcida 2’s be the best bet?

    Thanks in advance!


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  12. Hi, I am trying to find a review in English for the mizuno monarcida neo 2 selects like the one you have posted here on this article however you didn’t really talk much about it as I understand it’s entry level. However would you mind to share your experience with this particular boot? It is my first ever football boots. Enjoyed the site thanks sm 🙏


    1. Hey! Thanks for reading. The Select is a good first time boot. It’s surprisingly soft considering it’s an entry level boot and the durability is good. One of my teammates wears them and absolutely loves them.


      1. Thanks for the quick reply on this comment! I will definitely continue to support what you’re doing here and share the blog with my lads.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Hi! I recently come across you blog while looking for reviews on the Monarcida Neo 2. I was planning on getting either Morelia Neo 3 or the Monarcida Neo 2. What do you think should I go for? Thank you!


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