Umbro Accerator Pro HG Tech Breakdown

Umbro Japan’s best kept secret has always been the Accerator Pro series. It’s continued popularity in Japan means that the Double Diamond has had a solid foundation to build on here and with the launch of the newest model in the series, this looks set to continue. The motto for this new boot is “Support your inside”.

Probably the biggest and most noticeable addition the newest model is the addition of the UGT (Umbro Grip Technology) on the instep of the midfoot. This is the part of the boot where the ball is controlled the most often and the hexagonal design has been created to provide more grip with controlling and passing the ball. There is also an embossed design on part of the synthetic next to where the UGT pad is located to also enhance the ball control.

Photo Credit: SoccerShop Kamo

One of the most interesting things about this is that this type of instep grip has been abandoned by most companies, save for the current Predator series, of course. So, credit to Umbro for going a different direction.

Photo Credit: Kohei’s Blog

Umbro’s famous A-Frame support also maintains is inclusion on the boot, though the shape of it is different from other Umbro boots. They also have lowered the height of the “mouth” of the boot so that it wouldn’t bite into then ankles and also making the artificial leather softer in this section. Umbro also added suede and a lining with memory foam in order to make this section of this boot more comfortable.

Photo Credit: Kohei’s Blog

The shape of the mouth of the boots has also been changed to follow the shape of the upper part of the foot better and give a more comprehensive fit in this area. There is also a slight change to the last to make it fit Japanese-people’s feet better, though given how well most boots designed for this market fit, I imagine this slight change will benefit anyone who wears the boots.

They have also continued the use of GAINA (a heat-resistant material) on the insole as well as the much-loved KaRVO and using BMZ’s (a popular insole company) grip insole in order to stop the foot from moving around inside the boot.

Photo Credit: Kohei’s Blog

The outsole has also undergone a change and Umbro is now using a Japanese-made nylon soleplate with TPU studs so that it will be more durable on harder and the worst of pitches.

The price of the boots comes in at 22,000 yen which is about 210 USD, or 173 EUR. The pricing means it sits around the same price point the Morelia Neo III Japan and the X-Fly Pro sit at here.

Photo Credit: SoccerShop Kamo

While the boot isn’t radically different from previous models, a lot of smart changes have been made in order to make the boot feel, fit and perform better.

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6 thoughts on “Umbro Accerator Pro HG Tech Breakdown

  1. very interesting boot especially the control element. would you be getting one for yourself to review? I would have gotten the Accerator (2019) if i could travel last year but i guess it’s fated that i should get the newer model instead.

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    1. Hiya! I have tried them on, but not played in them. I found them to run half a size long from normal. So, my normal size is a 26.5cm but a 26cm in these. Which Mizuno or ASICS boot are you currently wearing? Because the sizing for both brands varies for me depending on the boot.


      1. Hi,

        I’m a 28.0cm in the Morelia Neo 3 Classic which fit perfect. Neo 2 I’m a 28.0 in length but the toe box is too tight.

        Then I’ve tried on the X-Fly 4 in a 28.0 which seemed all right in the shop but then the same sole plate with the Across was too long.

        Adidas always 28.o and Nike in between 28.0 and 28.5.

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