Resale prices are too high

A lot of boots aren’t worth what they’re going for

Since there are a lot of remakes on the market right now there is ample opportunity for everyone to get something in one way or another. Coupled with this is also the fact that everyone seems to be trying to become a reseller now and while it’s still somewhat of a seller’s market, it slowly seems to be fading. Part of this is because a lot of people who miss out on the remakes just give up when they can’t secure a pair. People might wonder why others just give up when they can’t secure the pair they want, and it could be said that this is because of the price these boots go for when being sold by resellers and really anybody who bought a pair just to flip them.

It’s ridiculous how many people bought this pack not to own, but to resell

The issue for resellers and these wannabe sellers is that their prices are being set too high. Sure, a lot of them still manage to sell the boots but seem to be going to pro players and those who have the means to do so. As an idea, its not really a bad thing to grab a pair of boots of resellers as more than a few have good prices and good service. But with some of the bigger sellers they seem to think they can grab some limited-edition boots and immediately re-sell them for double the price.

One can understand if the boots were slightly above retail since they’d still want to make a profit. Heck, in some cases paying $50 to $75 more on a boot from a reseller makes sense depending on the boot. What is befuddling is the idea that almost every limited edition is somehow worth more than gold, it seems like. In some cases, its actually cheaper to buy the originals over the remakes. Sure, the remakes and limited-editions are better if you want to play in the boots, but if they’re just going to sit on a shelf there’s no point of paying over the top for the remakes.

Worth paying above retail for

There is a knock-on effect because regular people will see resellers charge these prices and they will try to do the same. It does lead one to wonder if the boots are actually being sold to people who want them or if they’re going to pros and others who are looking to move them on. I’m in several Facebook groups for boot buying and what I’ve noticed is the people do seem to be selling remakes or limited-editions are the people who don’t charge ridiculous prices.

This rule seems to be the case for older and regular releases as well. There are a lot of people who get laughed when they attempt to charge silly prices for boots. Because of the way the market is at the moment, a lot of people think they can charge huge amounts for boots that really aren’t that rare. The original Hypervenom is an excellent example of this. Almost every reseller seems to have some in stock and while some charge decent prices, others charge stupid amounts for even used pairs, which leads to individuals trying to do the same.

Not a classic, nor limited

It’s worth repeating: at some point prices will have to come down, or maybe some of the biggest resellers will pretend to sell the boots to make it seem like people are willing to pay those prices. But, surely at some point there will be a shift. There needs to a massive correction in the resale market and it will come at some point.

The long and short of it is don’t be pushed into paying too much for a pair of boots, always try to haggle. These aren’t regular retailers so at the end of the day, its in the seller’s best interest to negotiate.

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