Collecting Boots has changed

Limited Edition Boots are slowly killing the community

This blog has gone on a lot about how limited-edition boots are causing issues by flooding the market with releases on top of releases and that limited edition don’t have the same power and mystique that they used to. There is also the issue that they are still hard to get a hold of because of scalpers and bots as well as (some) resellers. It seems to be the case for every single release and a lot of people talk about how “lucky” they are when they manage to get a hold of a pair. But there is something that’s even more sad about this whole situation: how even normal people are becoming scalpers.

The issue of normal people becoming scalpers isn’t necessarily a new thing, it’s been a around for a while and given the current economic systems that cover the world, its understandable in some respects, though this is a bigger conversation for another day. Outside of this however, the past two years have especially seen a rise in normal people buying limited edition boots in the hopes of flipping them for a decent profit later. Again, I don’t really blame the people trying to do this as much as I blame other factors.

One of the biggest factors are the companies pushing out all of these limited editions. They’ve created this atmosphere in which every drop is this huge spectacle, and each boot is a must have. So, what ends up happening is that even people who don’t care about the release are buying them in the hope they can make a profit in selling them to someone who does want them. One of the issues this causes is that it further decreases the supply available to those who actually want the boots to collect of play in, which is turn drives up the resell value. The brands don’t really care since they still make their money anyways.

More factors to take into account are (some) resellers and your normal run-of-the-mill scalpers who already prey on the market and decrease stock as it is. Every limited-edition drop is a chance for them to make more money off of people. Again, not every seller is like this, but a lot of the bigger ones do seem to trend this way.

Photo Credit: Unisportstore

But the effects that these factors have caused is that more and more people seem to buying boots not because they are interested in them, but because they want to make a quick buck. The boot collector’s community is a lot smaller than others like sneakerheads, so these rising issues are more noticeable in some ways. Its begun to turn a community on itself in attempts to make some money off of each other rather than just collecting for the passion of it. So many posts seem to have people asking how much someone is selling something for, or asking if they’ve got different sizes for sale, or the people posting asking how much people would pay for the boot they’ve posted a picture of.

It sucks. Our community isn’t big and while there are still a ton of great collectors and people who are passionate about boots out there, there seems to be a growing number of people who are only in it for the money. Yes, there are bigger forces at play. But as a community we all need a bit of cooling off. The brands could help massively by cutting back on limited editions, but we can also help by refusing to buy these limited editions in the numbers they have been selling them in. I genuinely love the boot community and I’ve made so many friends because of it and I still love collecting, talking about and reviewing boots. So, I guess that’s why I hope we don’t continue to go down this road of making everything a zero-sum game where’s it’s everyone for themselves.

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