Remake Overload

Remakes have become too common

It seems as if brands didn’t think they had enough product flooding the market. On top of all of the regular releases, we get limited edition colourways. If that wasn’t enough, there are a load of remakes being dumped onto the market. I love the idea of remakes and I love the remakes that are being made. The recent Memory Lane pack was a great idea that was executed well, and I love that they gave us an Absolute remake, which is probably my favourite of all of them. I love that we got a remake of the first Morelia, the Morelia Zero. All brilliant stuff.

Image Credit: Kishispo/Kemari87

However, its getting to be too much. It would be understandable if there was maybe one remake every couple of quarters, or once a year but this constant remake after remake is not only actively cannibalizes the brand’s own sales, but it also can frustrate customers as well. If you liked the Pred series and saw that they just released the Absolute remake, you might pick it up. But then you see they’re releasing another Accelerator remake soon and since you bought one, you might be able to afford the other. If the releases were spaced out more, maybe you would have had a chance to grab both. But one after another in a year when people are mostly not cash positive kind of makes it seem like the brands are taking the piss.

Yes, limited editions and remakes are boons for brands because by nature, they are more likely to sell out and means that the brands can have some form of guaranteed success. Yet, the flip side of this is that there is a good chance they can not only upset fans, but it can also lead to overexposure. What this means is that so many remakes make it onto the market that people just stop caring or they just shrug their shoulders. The idea that something is limited becomes a moot point and sales will drop because of that. This blog has talked about this before, but this is what happened in the comics industry in the early 1990’s when there were so many limited-edition comics floating around that sales cratered, and these comics became worthless. The boot market is obviously not there, but if the current speed of remakes keeps up, it surely can’t be too long before that point is reached.

This can also cause customers to lose trust in the brands. The limited edition boot you buy isn’t as exciting if you know that its about to immediately displaced by something even newer. Its also hard for reviewers and the like to stay relevant. At some point, people may just start giving up on buying remakes all together.

As @sfgsoccer pointed out to me on Insta, a combination of the limited editions and remakes would be over $5k, which is around the amount for a single semester of college tuition (there’s a greater discussion to be had about the rising cost of tuition), but this shows how absurd how this is all becoming. Surely only the richest of collectors are buying all of these, which creates a divide between the community. This isn’t even going into the fact that resellers again try to grab the limited pairs and flip them for higher prices than retail, much higher in some cases.

I get the idea of something for everyone, and its good to have something different available. I get that brands want to strike while the iron is hot. But its like Nutella. Nutella is a sometimes food and eating it all of the time will make you sick. I am confident that if brands spread these remakes out, the market will still be there, and people will still want to buy these remakes. But it becomes a hell of a lot harder for this to happen if they keep dropping remakes one after the other.

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