The Boots that got away

Boots I missed out on

For about 12 years now I have been actively collecting football boots. Throughout that entire, many boots have come and gone, but among those I’ve collected, sold, wore out, etc., there are still some pairs that have managed to elude me. Some for good reasons, others through bad luck, and some while arriving to the collecting game too late, if you can believe that. Out of all of these, here are the 5 that I missed out on that I am most miffed about. All of these are boots I am still actively on the hunt for but, its getting harder get a hold of them.

5. Nike Mercurial Vapor III 10th Anniversary Edition

This one is proof you shouldn’t sit on your hands and wait. It released a little bit before the time I decided I wanted to start collecting some boots, but not really have a collection. I went back and forth over whether I should grab a pair and I even found a shop that only had for them for $200, as they were down to their last few sizes. I told myself I didn’t really need them, only to decide 6 months late I wanted a pair, and at that point they were all gone. I actually found one on eBay about 3 years back for a decent price, but I didn’t have the cash at the time to grab them, so I waited a week until I had the money and by then they had been bought buy a reseller who sold them for triple the price. Probably one I won’t ever have a chance to get at this point.

4. Adidas 16+ PureAgility

When adidas launched the PureAgility as part of the Mercury Pack for Euro 2016, I was still working at my previous job as a company footwear manager, so I was the first one to get them out of the box. For a while I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the X16+ or the PureAgility and told myself I’d hold off until I decided. And then I kept waiting, and waited some more while colourways came and went. I eventually thought that I didn’t want them, only to change my mind once they were no longer available. I swear my brain is purposely trying to annoy me. These are somewhat easy to find still but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet, since the prices are a little high.

3. Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2

I actually bought a pair of the Ignitus 2 Keisuke Honda model with the flat screw-shaped studs. I stupidly sold them. On top of that, I was actually in Japan on vacation when the Ignitus 2 was being phased out and were on sale and told myself “Yeah, later” (notice a pattern here?) since I already had a pair. Looking back, I could’ve gone crazy and bought several pairs and they still wouldn’t have cost as much. These are fortunately another boot that pops up and the price isn’t normally too bad. It’s just a matter of finding my size and more importantly, a colourway I want.

2. Hummel 8.4 PIO FGX

Photo Credit: The Directive Collective

A boot so nice I’ve already written an entire article about it. The “Versaci” football boot, its unique design and attention to detail meant that this has been one of my most sought after boots for years. I got into collecting only a few years after these released but the fact they were limited edition and from a smaller brand means that I have never seen one for sale. Anywhere. Personally, for me it’s the very definition of a “Unicorn” boot. If I ever get the chance, I will snap these up immediately.

1. Adidas F50 (2004)

Probably the boot I’ve missed out on the most. It seems like every time I find a pair and decide to buy them, I just miss out on them. The first time this happened was actually when they first released. I was in my last year of High School and my dad told me he’d splurge on some boots for me. I had my heart set on some Vapors but they guy a the shop we went to told us about a soon to be released adidas boot that was going to be incredible. So, we waited the week until they released, went back to that store, and they were sold out. It would be another month before they got more stock and since I needed boots quite badly, the guy got me into a pair of the Vapor II K leather. Fun fact: I ended up working with that guy at another store until he left, and I took over his job as the footwear manager. There were several times when I missed out on the original F50s but the most annoying was last year when I got outbid on a pair by $2. Two. Dollars! I’m still not over it. I am currently trying to grab a pair right now, so hopefully my search will end.

I ended up mostly sticking to Vapors for several years after I got those Vapor Ks and I didn’t stop until until the Vapor 4 released and I picked up the original Lotto Zhero Gravity. I always wondered if I would’ve stuck with the F50s for a bit if I had got those instead.

What is a boot that you missed out on that you’ve been trying to collect? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!



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