Some Things Look Better as Time Goes On

Leaving a Legacy

At the start of this year, adidas launched the Predator 20+ Mutator. It featured a return to what fans had been wanting for years – the return of grip elements. Along with the top of the line laceless model, adidas finally released something else that people had been going on a about for a few, which was a low-cut model. Finally, the Predator was back.

Or so it seemed. As it turned out, a few reviewers found issues with the boots. The midfoot seemed to be overly tight while the forefoot was too wide for a lot of people. On top of that, the heel tended to have issues with lockdown and didn’t seem to properly grip the back of the foot which made grip socks almost a requirement. Finally, the upper on the low is definitely a step down from what’s found on the Mutator+ model.

And yet…and yet in spite of all of this, the boot is quite popular. The overall look of the boot is very aggressive, and the placement of the spikes makes it perform so. The spikes have a lot of grip to them and is noticeable when hitting the ball. Adidas have also done a great job with the colourways that been launched for the boot and some of which I’d go so far as to call “bangers”. Even the launch colourway of the boot had an aggressive and modern design while still calling back to the launch colourways of Predators past.

To add to this, it seems that the return of a Predator with proper grip elements has spurred a push of people wanting the return of other power boots from the past. It also makes the Predator stand out more since no one is really doing this type of aggressive grip on the same scale as adidas. It was a bold move for the Three Stripes to take and its paying off. There seems like there are a lot of people who want to try the newest Predator just to experience the grip on offer. It’s so radically different in a lot of ways and it seems that the market will see a bigger change as part of this as well.

Which brings us to the legacy the boots will have. If we look at a lot of the boots that are looked back on with rose-tinted glasses, not a lot of them were without problems. In fact, the red flags that were noticeable then are rarely talked about anymore. Of course, the first boots that spring to mind this way are the Mercurial series. People take it for granted on modern Mercurials that they don’t really cause blisters versus the older models of the series where it was a given. That hasn’t stopped many people from trying to track them down to wear them one last time or put them into their collection.

This is ultimately where we might see the current Predator end up, especially with the launch colourway or a few of the others. Even though they are quite cheap now, it isn’t to stretch to imagine them becoming highly sought after in the next few years. Maybe this will because of the evolution of the Predator series down the line, or maybe its because the boots are just that different that it is changing what people have come to expect of modern boots. This isn’t to say go stock up, you might be able to resell them, but rather maybe you should have one in your collection.

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