The Revolution is (Somewhat) Televised

Pro players are starting a change

Over the past year or so, we have seen a large increase in the amount of boot resellers on Instagram. It has become easier than ever to track down a pair of your favourite boots from yesteryear. And while this is seen a change in buying habits from consumers, it has also affected the professional game as well. This started with Basketball and the NBA but has become more common in footie as well.

For a while there was a time in which, even in the lower levels of professional football, a lot of players wore more of the newest stuff or at the very least stuff that had been released in the year previously. With the increased spread of resellers however, more and more players are opting for older favourites of theirs. This is very pronounced if you watch lower league matches or tournaments like the FA Cup’s early rounds. It has become rarer to see the latest boots and there are a lot of players opting for something different.

This is a boon for resellers since their services translate to increased visibility of their brand whenever a player wears a boot they bought from them on the pitch. It leads to people trying to figure out where the players bought those boots with the players often posting with the reseller’s logo on their personal Insta and the like.

Another effect of this is that it creates a “rival tide lifts all ships” scenario. This scenario refers to the fact that when one company does well, it tends to help others do well. We see this in the fact that no one reseller has a complete dominance over the reseller market. For sure, there are some pages that are far more popular than others, but it also means that people have more places to shop around. There are a lot more resellers on Instagram than there are large, trusted online retailers in general.

Something that personally struck me as funny is given how much largesse current exists in the market, the fact that a large amount of pro and amateur players are beginning to ignore the newest products and it is sure to cause some issues at the biggest companies in the industry. Sure, Nike, adi and the like will argue that all exposure is good exposure since their product is still making it onto the pitch but at the same time it kind of hints at the fact that players might not want or trust the newest products over their old favourites. In turn, this may lead to people also choosing to skip the newest releases (though there are some who do that anyways).

On a sadder level, we can see that overproduction has been an issue that the industry has been suffering from for a long time. It used to quite difficult to find an older Predator or a past Vapor but now they are seemingly everywhere. Sure, they may not all be the same colour or anything but the fact that there are so many available speaks volumes. And given how many colourways are launched these days, we’ll most likely see current releases for quite some time.

It should also be noted that a lot of players don’t wait for their boots to wear out before buying a new pair and more people than ever are collecting, which does mean that a lot of people are buying new releases and classic releases at the same time. However, so much is being produced that there’s not going ever going to be enough people to buy all of the product that is available (I feel like the last few generations of the Puma Future and One will be around until the heat death of the Sun).

What do ya’ll think about players wearing older boots over newer stuff? Does it cause you to look at buying older boots rather than what’s currently on the market? Please make sure to share this with your friends and follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


All photos credit SoccerBible


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