Due Diligence, Nike

Possible reasons why Phantom GT has a horrible fit

It figures that after praising Nike for making a boot that is just good, we would start to see issues with that same boot. The Phantom GT not only seems to fit long, but if you get the white colourway the fit in the width is overly wide. This has been confirmed by several people, including members of the @theofficialbootsociety (the collective I’m a part of).

Disappointingly, Nike once again seems to have released a boot on the market half baked. I would love to know more about why there are issues and why they only occur in the white colourway specifically. Since we don’t know the answers, we can only speculate.

It’s possible that Nike used two different lasts, one for each colourway, as a way of experimenting with the fit since their goal was to make a wider fitting boot. Nike normally does not make many wider-fitting shoes so it can be assumed that they are not very adept at making them. The fact that there are two different fits between the colourways and the assumption that Nike was not sure about which fit would be better for the mass market also means that it is likely that the Swoosh put far more money into market research about what will sell rather than figuring out what will fit people’s feet. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Nike has done this.

Another theory is the material changed its shape during the dyeing process. Maybe there was an imbalance with the chemical make up of the dye that caused the upper to not regain its shape when the material was put onto the last.

Returning to the lasts, I think this might be the most likely reason for the fit issue. Outside of that, it could be down to a massive failure of quality control, which I think is less likely given Nike’s recent improvements in that area.

One more explanation in terms of having to different fits is that there is a chance that the black colourway was made at one factory and the white one was made at another. It would help explain the discrepancy between the two colours.

The last possible explanation is that some of the boots were made right as the outbreak was hitting so quality control went out the window as factories were getting shut down across the world. I am not as confident in this as many factory owners (Nike don’t own a majority of the factories where their products are made, the work is contracted out) forced people to keep working. Even during the initial spread.

Hopefully, this is just an issue with the launch white colourway and future launches won’t have this problem as much. I personally don’t care if Nike tanks their own products but its not great for people who shell out their hard-earned money for these boots.

Maybe at some point we’ll figure out what happened. In any case, don’t buy the white colourway.

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All Photo Credits @nosajpersonlah


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