Not every boot has to break the mold

A good solid boot is a good thing

With the rise of constant releases, new technology and new gimmicks with each new boot launched, the market makes it seem like everything that drops has to be something out of this world outrageous. While I have definitely been critical in the past of brands releasing stuff that is already similar to what that brand offers, at the same time I understand that its nice to sometimes just have a boot that’s just good that just works.

One can look at the new Phantom GT release from Nike as evidence of this. It doesn’t necessarily do anything new, and a large part of its DNA owes itself to the original Hypervenom Phantom and PhantomVSN, but its good. Several people have said it isn’t very original, and there’s not much reason to be hyped about it. But it seems to do a lot of things well and that’s just what the market needs sometimes.

Photo Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

Another reason why the Phantom GT is a good release is that it offers a more relaxed fit, while still giving off a sleek look and vibe. A lot of the times, wider boots tend to look bulky or feel like there is too much to the boot. The Phantom GT does away with this idea and offers a different feeling than many people with wider feet expect. Another plus for the boot is that it fits people with normal to narrow feet as well (though I’ve heard some people go a half size down for that reason). What this means is that the Phantom GT is kind of a knit boot for the masses, a boot that everyone can try.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of classic leather boots like the Mizuno Morelia, the adidas Copa Mundial or a wide range of smaller brands that make classic leathers are still quite popular. These boots are never going to beat most “modern” boots in performance, but the leather and oftentimes the build quality means that they are boots that people can rely on. Of course, there are people (like me!) who prefer to have a soft leather boot that has a glove-like fit and that’s the reason why we stick to it. But there are still more than plenty of people who want boots that get the job done without them having to worry about getting used to some new piece of tech or some such other things.

Quality isn’t the only reason these still like crazy. Photo Credit: Kemari87/Kishispo

This isn’t to say I don’t have reservations about the Phantom GT or classic leather boots. The Phantom GT might follow some other Nike boots and not have the durability to last a whole season, though Nike seems to have gotten somewhat better. There is also the fact that there isn’t much protection in the boot and the soleplate doesn’t seem like there is enough there in terms of support.

Classic leather boots also have their drawbacks. There is often not enough support or structure that lasts long enough for most people. They also require more TLC than more modern boots. And in some cases, even the stud layouts need some updating.

Not groundbreaking, but solid. Photo Credit: Diadora Japan

But in spite of the negatives, a boot that just works and has little in the way of new gimmicks is something that we should appreciate more. There is also the fact that Nike has combined two silos into one, so you’ll never hear me complain about that. And while definitely being miles apart in a lot of ways, the Phantom GT and a classic leather boot both can fulfill the needs of someone wanting a good, solid boot.

What do you think of the idea that the Phantom GT is a solid boot in the same vein as a classic leather boot? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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