Losing the X Factor

Adidas drops the ball with the X Ghost launch

To get this started, I want to go out of the way and say that like a lot of people, I am really looking forward to the launch of the X20 Ghosted. Adidas seems to have taken a lot of feedback as well as asking a lot of tough questions internally about what their speed boot should look like going forward. With a fantastic launch colourway and F50 vibes, the Brand with The Three Stripes seems to have absolutely nailed it. Unfortunately, the boot is about the only thing they have nailed with this launch.

It’s hard to know where to begin. Normally, with a new boot release, especially an all new speed boot, you expect it to be the lead story for a brand for the season of the year it was launched in. However, because of the disaster that is currently happening, adidas seems to be losing a lot of that initial momentum and hype that the launch of the boot has created.

Photo Credit: SoccerShopKamo

It was really bold of adidas to showoff the boot literally the day after Nike revealed the Phantom GT but it seems to have worked well for them. There are a lot more people talking about this next X now. Yet, the confusing around the release dates stems that enthusiasm. Now it should be noted the pandemic has royally messed things up for just about everyone, and every brand has had their plans wrecked by the chaos.

Nike seemed to have launched the Phantom GT without much of an issue but behind the scenes many of us couldn’t seem to get a clear answer from Nike regarding the actual release date of the Phantom GT. The thing is, this was in the background and while some influencers, bloggers and retailers were aware of the situation, it wasn’t that public of an issue. Adidas hasn’t been able to do this. While in some places, like the US and Japan, already have pre-orders up, Europe and Australia don’t even have pre-orders live as of yet. The launch date is supposedly 9/1 in the US, Europe and 9/2 in Japan, Australia isn’t supposed to get them until November according to UltraFootball.

Photo Credit: Sports-WS

Even worse than this, there are rumours that the release date was bounced around, just like Nike with the Phantom GT and that inventory might be getting delivered late in some places, which explains why the release dates are all over the place. Someone at adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach (yes, I did copy/paste) has got a lot of things to answer for. Again, it’s completely understandable that the pandemic and the disruption to global supply chains would cause this to happen but this sort of thing should have been taken care of before the boot went public. The fact that some of the biggest retailers and influencers don’t even have their hands on the boots yet really speaks to how bad this was messed up.

Photo Credit: SoccerShopKamo

In spite of all of this, I am very much looking forward to seeing reviews on these boots and in fact one of the members of The Official Boot Society (YJ Football) has managed to get his hands on a pair and give an overview of the boots but he managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat on this one. But with a release this big, it needs to be able to be available for reviewers and the like to get their hands on them ASAP and for customers to not have to wait so long to get a hold of them.

Do better.

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2 thoughts on “Losing the X Factor

  1. yes totally agreed. looked around the internet and only saw like a couple of reviews on this (and one was in Spanish and had to use the really weird and wonky Google auto-translate function to watch). I think the hype would have died down quite a bit by the time that it is actually launched one month later. But these did nick the limelight from the Phantom GT indeed


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