A Go to Pair of Boots

The boots for every occasion

In a time when there are constant releases, updates and we are all buying new pairs of boots regularly, it seems like there is never a time when we give ourselves a break. The obsession and hype surrounding the latest new thing can cause us not to truly appreciate the things we have. Other times, it’s nice to have something familiar and comfortable.

This isn’t a “count your blessings”-type post but more of a pointing out that that it’s good to have a boot that you can go to for all occasions. Think of the boot in your collection that you always find yourself returning to. Or maybe it’s the boot you grab to go play with your friends. It’s the boot you wear after you come back from injury. The one that always has a place in your boot bag. This is what it means to have a “Go to” pair of boots. They’re the boot you feel the most confident in. This isn’t the best performing boot you have but it’s the one that fits you best in your mind.

It is something that comes up when I am testing a pair of boots. I find myself switching back to the same pair of boots after I finish. This isn’t to say I don’t like the boots I’m reviewing, but rather its that I want to go back to something I am a more familiar with.

In some ways it’s like taking a break. When I am reviewing a boot, while playing or after I am done playing, I am constantly taking mental notes. Its nice to switch off after a review is finished and go back to my go to boots, because I otherwise I end up questioning myself if I missed something with the boots I’ve just finished reviewing and while its good to question yourself, it can be tiring to always be switched on in that way.

For me, the last year or so has seen the Wave Cup Legend be my go-to boots. They were ever present in my bag and I took them to every match and practice that I had. Every time I was coming back from injury or just went to knock a ball around alone, I’d take them with me. Over time, they gradually began to wear out and by that point the newer 2020 release of the Morelia II Japan started becoming my go-to boots, as they are now.

What this means is that you shouldn’t have the same pair of go-to boots for more than a year, year and half because over time they begin to wear out and your feet and body will begin to suffer because of the lack of support in the boots. So, make sure to gradually have a newer pair of boots become your backup pair. Its always recommended when you buy a new pair of boots that its good to keep your old pair as a practice boot. Alternatively, you can just buy the same pair again as its not always a bad idea to keep with something you’re familiar with. It’s one of the reasons some people stay with the classic Copa Mundial, or in the case of many players in Japan, the Morelia II.

TR:DL Don’t be afraid to keep busting out your older boots that you love. Because you don’t always have to wear the latest and greatest thing. Familiarity and comfort should take priority.

Which boots do you have that you keep coming back to over and over again? Please share this with your friends and make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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