Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan Tech Breakdown

Mizuno looks to build on solid foundations

The Runbird seems to be out to get me specifically right now since we now have their third major release in less than a month and a half. An exciting time for sure. The latest release is the newly updated Rebula Cup Japan, which takes inspiration from not only the Wave Cup, which also has a new blue colourway that was released today, but surprisingly also the Morelia II.

The first big change is more “under the hood” than anything. Mizuno has taken the Engineered Fit Last from the Morelia II Japan and has implemented it on the Rebula Cup. According to the brand, this was done to improve the fit and they claim that because of this, it is now the best fitting Rebula ever. Mizuno has begun doing across their models in order to not only improve the fit but to “unify” the brand’s boots. Of course, using the same last for every boot is considerably cheaper since the last is the most expensive part of the boot to create so there was surely some monetary motivation behind this as well. Considering how much I love the fit of the newest Morelia II I think I’m going to be quite happy with this change.

Another big (and the most noticeable) change is the upper. The forefoot is kangaroo leather and Mizuno have gotten rid of the 3D CT Frame and replaced it with a new sponge upper to enhanced ball control. This new material is a two-layer structure with a low-resistance material on the lower (closer to the foot) layer and a high-resistance material on the upper layer. The effect that this has is to help improve control and the amount of cushioning on the ball. It will be interesting to see what change this will have on shooting. The forefoot also resembles the Wave Cup’s forefoot and it is mostly a seamless upper save for some stitching for stability purposes on the instep and midfoot. This new upper also means that the boot weighs in at around 200 grams in a size 9 US, so pretty much the same as the Morelia Neo 3.

On the inside of the boot is a brushed material to help the boot feel softer and should also make the boot feel more comfortable, though that wasn’t an issue with the Rebula 3. Mizuno has also made the mid to rear portion a soft microfibre in order to help keep the boot stable.

Next is the FT (First Touch) Grip that has been added to the microfibre parts of the boot. Mizuno claims that the boot will have 1.3 times the grip versus the Rebula 3. This means that you get a good amount of grip on the midfoot instep. As a quick side note, Mizuno always compares their newest boots to their previous models. Its interesting that they never seem to directly attack other brands and only focus on making their own products better. The brand exudes confidence because of this and there is a bit of arrogance but they always back it up really well, so I don’t mind it.

The Rebula Cup also has the same ST Tongue that the Rebula 3 had but now it’s a floating tongue instead of having the bottom half of the tongue stitched to the upper like the previous generation. The other thing that carries over from the Rebula 3 is the soleplate. You get the D-Flex Groove, stability studs and stability spine. The claim for the soleplate means that you 27% reduction in the amount of flexing in the studs and helps improve grip while the D-Flex Groove allows the boot to bend naturally with your foot. I really liked the soleplate on the Rebula 3 so I am happy they kept the same soleplate.

Love this white colourway too

Overall, I am quite pleased with the updates Mizuno has added to the Rebula and it does give me some strong SuperSonic Wave vibes. It’s also nice that Mizuno have dropped the retail price here (24,200 Yen) and I’m sure that’s partly down to having less K leather on the upper and the previously-mentioned change of last.

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All photos credit: Kemari87/Kishispo


7 thoughts on “Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan Tech Breakdown

  1. good to see Mizuno following the trend to drop releases more frequently. and these are nice releases as well! Just not so sure about the asthetics of this one..i mean it doesnt look like a Rebula boot, where looks wise is more crazy and breaking out of the norm of Mizuno boots, very much like the Ignitus used to. This one just looks like a normal Morelia II with “swollen” upper, and slapped with a Rebula outsole.


    1. I think these are all their big releases for the year. It’s kinda a weird release in some ways. I mean it’s not even called the Rebula 4, makes me wonder if we’ll get something completely different next year. I hadn’t looked at them like that before, but you’re right, it does seem similar to a Morelia II

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right, they didnt name it Rebula 4 indeed! I hope this is more of a side project and we’ll get a Rebula 4 later this year. Otherwise i would really be kinda disappointed with where this Rebula line is going..i mean a Rebula is suppposed to be Mizuno’s “crazier” line with ambitious new tech (albeit sometimes experimental) and cool asthetics (probably their only model to appeal more to the younger gen).


      2. Or at least early next year would be good too. There are only a limited amount of pairs available so its a limited release as well. Yeah, I hope they go nuts with the Rebula 4. It is supposed to be crazy, like you said.


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