Blog Update #5

Apologies for the lateness on this. I once again teamed up with my good friends over at BOOTHYPE to write about forgotten boots that I still love. Make sure you check it out!

Outside of that I am in the middle of testing the Morelia Neo 3 Japan and hopefully Japan will finally get the Morelia Neo 3 Beta soon as well. Based on comments and DMs I have received it seems like people want me to review those too.

Also, my team is having a practice match for the first time in ages next week so the Neo 3 will definitely get a run out as part of testing.

Looking a bit further forward, it seems that the rest of the year will be very heavy on releases and I am still expecting more stuff from Mizuno, Asics and other Japanese brands. I’ll hopefully be able to do several more reviews this year given that our season will run longer than normal, so look forward to that!

Lastly, I am always open to covering boots that you all might think I have missed out on. As always, shoot me messages or leave me a comment.

In the meantime, stay safe and Black Lives Matter.

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