Forgotten Weird Boot Releases

Bizarre boots from the past

There have been many lists over the last few years looking at some of the weirdest boot releases that have been brought to the market. We always tend to see boots like the Zygo Deztruct or the Serafino 4th Edge, or even boots like the Concave PT+ on such lists. But these kinds of lists tend to let other companies off the hook a bit. Let’s now change that!

Warrior Skreamer

No, I will not post a picture of what’s mentioned below!

Interesting concept and I liked the idea they came up with for the Arrowhead Vamps on the upper. However, the mid-tier version of the first model (Skreamer Combat) first model should also be remembered as one of the most sexist boots ever released. The reason is because they featured a topless woman on the graphics on the soleplate.

And if you thought they surely wouldn’t repeat this graphic on the kid’s models, well they did. Just absolutely awful all around. That’s what you get when you think you specifically chase a 12-18 year old male market. The designers should hang their heads in shame.

Warrior Gambler

Likewise, here too. Gloryhole??? Are you out of your effing mind???

Reebok Instante Pro II

Image Credit: SoccerBible, obvs

One of the most interesting releases that has been brought to market. Back in 2010, the second model of Reebok’s Instante series, which was worn by Iker Casillas, was released. These boots had people put their boots in the oven for a few minutes and then on their feet to have the boots mold perfectly to their foot shape using what Reebok called U-Form Tehcnology. Bizarre design but interesting idea. It wouldn’t be surprising to seeing companies try something similar to this in future.

The Pig

Not sure a mother could love this face

Craig Johnson was the original designer of the Predator. With his first design being such an overwhelming success, Johnson tried to repeat the trick with the PIG (Patented Interactive Grip) in 2003. After hawking this design to several companies, adidas picked it up but passed on it since its admittedly pretty ugly. Unfortunately, lighting couldn’t strike twice.

Nomis The Spark – Pele Sports 1970 – Stylo Matchmakers Heirship Sixty-Seven

Image Credit:

This is somewhat of in outlier on this list. It is probably the best boot here and even performed fairly well based on reviews I’ve read on the original Nomis release and the following Pele Sports one. The problem is now we have a third brand basically hawking the same boot.

Image Credit: SoccerCleats101

Stylo Matchmakers are now trying make it viable though they haven’t produced any product for sale as of yet. To be fair to Nomis and Pele Sports, both had Darryl Cassingham (better known as Dr. Leather) working with them one after the other.

Again, I want to emphasize that this isn’t bad boot but the basic design is now 16 years old and was the staple of two now-bankrupt companies. Probably should just let it die, especially since the original release was probably the best of all the three.

Aspero Classic

Image Credit: SoccerCleats101

Another oft-forgotten boot, the Aspero Classic was a boot released by a company of the same name. With a nappa leather upper, which is normally used for furniture, and Neokick technology made for a boot with a unique design and feel. Unfortunately, the price, limited availability (as they could only be ordered directly from the company) as well as the bulky look hurt its chances of ever succeeding. The company went under a few years later.

These are a few of the overlooked strange boots that have either been released were openly being developed. But what did I miss? Let me know!

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