A Quick Look At: Gavic Mathieu Ten 天 20

Gavic has been a staple in the Japanese market for some time. Although primarily an apparel and futsal shoe brand, much like Athleta, they made the leap into football boots in 2018 with their Mathieu Ten and Jin silos. Unlike Athleta though, Gavic’s impact has been much smaller. It isn’t for lack of trying and this year has seen them release updated models this year as part of their “Culture of Tokyo” pack. The Ten (heaven) model is made of a leather upper and the Jin (human) model is made of a synthetic. The newest models will hopefully give the brand a boost and help them make a bigger splash.

The new Mathieu Ten seems to cop a lot of what is popular with most boots sold in Japan. Gavic has cut back on the amount of kangaroo leather used in order to give the midfoot a more structured and locked down fit. The amount of padding has also been reduced in the kangaroo leather in order to have a thinner touch on the ball.

The midfoot material was a previously a basic artificial leather, but the brand has switched to a newer Pebax in order make sure that midfoot is more structured and supportive. Another addition to the midfoot and rear of the boot us a polyurethane film called “Gavic All Weather” in order to provide control in all conditions. The renewed Pebax midfoot and rear also means those parts of the boot will retain their structure over time. The inside of the midfoot also sees a redesign of Gavic’s Hikari Pad which aims to provide better control and has also been made softer to allow for a more cushioned feeling and a brushed faux suede is used on the inside of the heel to help grip the back of the foot and provide cushioning.

The heel counter and soleplate are also made of nylon Pebax resin and allows for solid support and lockdown in the heel area while still being soft enough to let the forefoot flex. There are also two support bars on the soleplate than run from the heel to just behind the forefoot to give support and stop the boot from flexing in weird ways. Even the studs have been given in upgrade in order be more durable on even the worst pitches.

The insole is impressive in its own right. The surface of the insole is made of a very grippy material that doesn’t seem to wear away easily. There is also a Poron pad included on the bottom of the heel, which is always a nice touch in my mind. It is fairly thick as well and provides a nice amount of cushioning throughout the whole foot.

While the previous model had some room for improvements, its nice seeing Gavic willing to make lots of little changes to make the boot perform better and increase the durability. If you want to see a review of the previous model, JayC over at BOOTHYPE.com has a great review of the boots. Here’s hoping that Gavic makes a bit more leeway in the market and increases their competitiveness.

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