Don’t fret about buying used boots

You’re saving more than just money

In an industry that seems to fulfill almost everyone’s dreams when it comes to new releases, remakes and the like, there is still the issue that a lot of boots are quite expensive when they release. I’ve talked about this point a lot and me as well as a lot of others have pointed out that there isn’t much point in buying a new release anymore or even paying full price, such is the nature of releases. Even while doing this though, there is a good chance you will miss out on the limited editions and remakes. But buying used can be a solution to a lot of these issues.

I found these Maestri II Elite on sale for 10,000 yen ($91)

First of all, buying used normally means that you will get a massive drop in price versus boots that are even on sale. A lot of people may not always play in their limited edition boots and while there are always scalpers, there is a chance that you might find a pair that is gently used. I am not saying go out and waste your money on boots that have been used to the point that they are worn out, but there are a lot of gently used boots out there that can be found for a great price.

These are 2,450 yen ($22.50)

This was the case with my recent pair of Ignitus that I picked up. They were only worn once and before that they were used as a shop sample, so I only paid 6500 yen for them (about $59 USD). It was a deal that was too good to pass up and there are a lot of other similar bargains that can be found out there if you don’t worry whether or not they’ve been worn a few times.

Even rare boots like these, still expensive but $200 for a bit like this is excellent

Some people don’t mind buying used, like BootWizard over on YouTube. His massive unboxing video had some good gems that he picked up for great prices because they were used. I understand that there is a stigma out there against buying used boots, but in the end it doesn’t matter. I have bought used shirts and the like before. None of your opponents will care and you can always use the excuse that you were them on your own before breaking them out for training or a match. You’d want them to be broken in any case as it is. Especially if it’s a rare boot that that’s hard to find new, you’re better off buying used anyways.

Another thing about buying used is that your less likely to run into fakes. There are still some out there but since the places that produce fakes know that people want new boots, it is pretty rare that a used pair of boots will be fake. You might come across some if someone else got duped into buying a fake and used them but for the most part you’ll be fine.

One of the newest Acros colours for 5,000 yen ($45)

There are things to look out for and ask for when you are buying used. I always first check on the condition of the soleplate, since that is one of the first places to show heavy use. It is also smart to get a picture of the front and the sides of the toebox since those are other places that wear out first if they’ve been worn heavily. Another telltale sign is the condition of the insole. If they have a worn-out heel, or foot imprints on them then that normally means they have been worn quite a bit. Of course, since a lot of the boots these days have logos or the like on insoles then it is even easier to tell if they have been worn a lot.

These T90 Laser Elites sold for 7,600 yen ($69 nice)

One of the biggest and most important reasons to buy used is that it is environmentally friendly. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj did an excellent video on the problems with fast fashion and this culture can be applied to boots in a lot of ways as well. There is this constant push to have the latest and greatest but just by using your boots and your clothes for longer, you do a lot to help the planet since it lowers consumption. Buying used is a massive help because that means you are buying it instead of something new, which again, lowers consumption. If we all just buy one piece of used clothing instead of new, we can each save 6 pounds (2.72 kilos) of CO2 admissions. And that is just for clothes. Football boots use even more materials since there are several stages of production.

So don’t be afraid to buy used. You’re saving money and you’re saving the planet.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t fret about buying used boots

  1. Insane Wave Ignitus, oh lucky you! Hope Mizuno resurrects them back in the form of a remake. One can only dream. Managed to track one down that is 1/2 size down my regular size. Would that be feasible still? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!


    1. Thanks for reading and the kind words! I hope Mizuno does a remake as well. Hmmm it will be snug as I go true to size with the Ignitus. You could always try it but like I said, normally true to size.


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