Mizuno Monarcida Sala Indoor Review

A Solid performer

When people think of Mizuno football boots and their indoor shoes, people tend to first think of the Morelia series. Inside of Japan however, the Monarcida is quite popular and well-known as a staple of the Mizuno brand as well. Just like the Morelia, almost every team seems to have at least a couple of people wearing something from the Monarcida series. A lot of people tend to go for one or the other. For me personally, I always tend to stick with stuff from the Morelia series. So, imagine my surprise when I began to have my Morelia indoors gradually replaced by the Monarcida Sala as my go-to indoor shoe.

Fit and Feel

The biggest difference between the Monarcida Sala and the Morelia indoors is that the Monarcida Sala is only kangaroo leather in the forefoot. The rest of the upper is made up of a soft synthetic leather. Normally, this is something that would cause me to worry but to Mizuno’s credit my doubts were relieved after putting them on. Instead of feeling too much pressure in the areas that are synthetic I got a pleasant lockdown instead. This goes in line with the rest of the shoes that enabled me to feel more locked-in than I did in the Morelia Indoors. This isn’t to say that the Morelia indoor has poor lockdown but rather that the Monarcida is a bit more aggressive. Alongside the improved lockdown, the leather on the Monarcida is also thinner than what’s found on the Morelia Indoor.

As far as sizing goes, I went to true to size and the fit was good. Part of the reason why reason why the lockdown is so good is not just because of the synthetic, but also because the Monarcida does fit narrower than the Morelia Indoor. I wouldn’t say that the shoes can be considered narrow, but they are more snug width-wise than I assumed they would be. I will say that if you have really wide feet, it’d be safer to go with the Morelia Indoors. Similar to the Morelia Indoor, the Monarcida Sala have a nice, deep, lacing system to help the shoes adjust to a majority of foot types.

The Monarcida Sala also has the same soleplate as the Morelia Indoor, but the cushioning between the sole is different than what is found on the Morelia Indoor. Mizuno uses a material call U4ic which is a not talked about much but provides good and lightweight cushioning but it’s not anything crazy. Another change that is found on the Monarcida Sala is that Mizuno has added an extra lace-hole near the ankle which allows for a runner’s knot. I didn’t find myself using the extra lacehole but I do like that it has been included.

Touch and Dribbling

One of the things that you get with the thinner leather is that they feel more like a synthetic upper in that there is more of a barefoot touch on the ball without having give up the softness and the moldability of the leather. Combine that with the fact that having the same solplate as the Morelia IN means that the same ability to do all the tricks and flicks one could want is an a similar, albeit tighter, package.

The benefit of that tighter package also means that the heel provides more lockdown as well and there were never any issues with heel slippage. In fact, the heel felt more solid than the Morelia Indoors and they even have some roughness on the inside of the heel that grips the sock a little bit more. This gives a little more confidence when it comes to making cuts as it doesn’t feel like your heel will slip out, or really slip at all, like I have found in some other brands’ indoors.
Somewhat surprising too was the responsiveness of the synthetic midfoot. Normally, there isn’t much to expect from synthetic leather since some many brands have switched to different materials on their shoes. The Monarcida Sala has the nice, ever-so-slightly cushioned lines that are on the Mizuno Runbird logo that gave quite a pleasant experience when it came to controlling the ball. Another thing that was interesting is outside of the fact that the forefoot is leather, the rest of the shoe provides a consistent touch on the ball which as anybody will know, allows for more confidence when playing.

Passing and Shooting

The slightly cushioned lines on the Runbird logo also meant that when it came to passing the ball there was a solid feeling behind it. It felt as if there was a little bit of something extra located in the midfoot which helped with this but there is nothing in any of the tech specs that makes note of this effect. Still, a nice bonus. The thin leather also means that it feels more similar to a synthetic when it comes to those pinged passes. I know it isn’t something that is common in futsal or indoor but I personally love to hit longer, driven passes so this was also a nice revelation for me.
Like those pinged passes, shooting in the Monarcida Sala also lets you have a bit of that foot to ball feel that normally only occurs when it comes to synthetic/knit boots or indoor shoes. Some might wonder if this is because of the construction of the Monarcida FG boots but the leather is actually thinner on the Monarcida Sala and it reminds more of the leather found on the Morelia Neo 2 more than any other boot in Mizuno’s line. That means those pinged shots that you get in the Morelia Neo 2 are also found here with the Monarcida Sala.


It’s exactly the same as the Morelia Indoor: somewhat unspectacular, but very solid when it comes to performance.


Like I mentioned in the shooting section, the fact that these remind me of the Morelia Neo 2 means that if you are wanting something similar to what that boot offers but in an indoor, the Monarcida might be a good option. It should also be noted that since this pair was purchased, the Monarcida Sala has been given an upgrade which has added Mizuno’s Zero Glide Light insole to stop slippage inside the shoe. As mentioned before, I found myself surprised that I start wearing these more often the Morelia Indoors and the performance overall is just that little bit better for me. Putting all of this together means that like the Morelia Indoors, the Monarcida Sala is an excellent and easy-to-recommend indoor shoe for just about every type of player.

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7 thoughts on “Mizuno Monarcida Sala Indoor Review

  1. I bought these based on your recommendation. Got the 10E, my actual size: perfect fit. Wonderful touch on the ball. Feels like I’m wearing slippers, with a wonderful grippy sole.


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