Mizuno Morelia 2 Japan Review

The Pinnacle of Leather Football Boots

Mizuno’s Morelia silo has been around for a long time and is, in many ways, the solid foundation upon which the rest of their football line is built. Unlike some other brands though, Mizuno knows that over time that the foundation needs to be rebuilt in order to keep it structurally sound. Where this metaphor falls apart is that normally a foundation just does its job quietly without much fuss, but with the newly updated Morelia II Japan, Mizuno made sure to create something truly special. It is that brilliant. Spoilers for the review but this boot is probably one of the best all-leather boots ever made. If you want the more technical info, check out my breakdown of the boot here.

Fit and Feel

From the first time you put these boots on, to the first time you kick a ball in them. The boot exudes comfort and a purity of touch that is so genuine, it’s actually shocking how excellently crafted the Morelias feel on feet. These are the kind of boots that are made for everyone. The wide and deep lacing system will accommodate every foot type and the Wave Lacing System ensures that there is more than enough lockdown. The sizing has changed since the previous model, however. It runs a little over a quarter size long compared to before. Part of this has to do with the fact that the leather has change (for the better, IMO) as well as the heel counter. Not everyone will need to go down half a size, but if you prefer a snugger fit I recommend it.

Size difference between the older Morelia and the new update

The heel counter is the other thing that I noticed when I first put the boots on. It makes the foot feel much more locked in, even before the laces are tightened. It was really pleasing to feel so locked into the boots while playing. The heel fit was probably the only big issue I had with the previous Morelia and over time it became flimsy. The new heel construction is much stronger and as a result of that, cuts and sprints feel very solid, like one would expect from a “modern” boot.

A word too about the overall slimming down of the boot. While the boot hasn’t changed much in terms of weight versus the previous generation, it has gone on a bit of a diet and is less bulky feeling than previous Morelias. This isn’t just a visual effect, as on feet the boots feel much more progressive and modern than one would expect from a classic-styled leather boot. On feet the Morelias feel like a modern leather boot while the quality insole provides a lot of comfort and no stud pressure to speak of. Even the tongue which has been changed feels like it is less cumbersome since when the ankle is flexed, it no longer feels like it is bunching up against the leg. The new “Engineered Fit Last” and well as the new shape for the “mouth” of the boot also add to excellent fit.

This is a Mizuno leather boot. So of course, one of the biggest talking points in the leather itself. There are no gimmicks or anything to get in the way of that leather. If the Rebula 3 has one of the best leather uppers out there, then this updated Morelia has the best. Mizuno raised some eyebrows when they dropped the scotch guard leather from the Morelia and switched to a washable kangaroo leather. But the updating and improvements they made to their washable leather means that it’s a great upgrade to the boot. Outside of that the Morelia has that plush sensation leather is known for while not feeling bulky in any way.

Touch and Dribbling

As I mentioned earlier, the touch on the ball feels so pure. There are only so many superlatives out there that I can use to describe the feel on the ball that these Morelias have. Every touch, every dribble, every feel of the ball feels so natural. The boot allows for the focus to be on what you want to do and never attempts to take the attention away from the game. It’s the best “don’t even realise I’m wearing boots” boot I have ever played. The leather is so soft from the get-go that it just feels perfect in every instance. There is no tech in the boot to make things an easier or harder, its just you, the leather and the ball. If you want to do it, the boot will enable you to without asking for anything in return.

Like I mentioned in the post about the updates made to the Morelia, the newer micro taffeta lining underneath the leather provides a lot on tensile strength to the boot. This is most likely another one of the reasons why the boot feels so locked on to the foot even after it has been broken in. Its another part of the boot that that does its job silently so you can concentrate solely on doing yours. This also means that the upper doesn’t lose its shape as much over time. Which again, allows the ball feel and touch to be front and center when playing.

Passing and Shooting

The Morelia is a boot with no real gimmicks to speak of. Just like with touch and dribbling, passing and shooting are much the same way in terms of “if you want to do it, you can” because the boots are never in your way. Of course this does mean that you’re not going to have any gimmicks to aid with shooting or those pinging passes and the like. But that isn’t the point of these boots. The boots assume that you can do all of that without any gimmicks. Every pass, every shot has that same stunning consistent feeling that will never let you down and never stop you from doing what you want to do.

The midfield general who loves to spray passes, the striker who loves to hammer long-range shots, the poacher for whom any goal is worth celebrating as the most beautiful goal ever scored. The Morelias are the boots for them. There was never any point where I felt that the boot wasn’t doing its upmost to be brilliant. I have had boots before in which I’ve hit a shot and been disappointed with how they felt. The Morelias are the exact opposite of that. It always felt regularly satisfying and natural when shooting.


Consistency is probably the word that describes the soleplate best. It’s nothing revolutionary, rather it is the one part that carries over from the previous generation. This isn’t a bad thing as the last update to the soleplate made it more durable and easier to use on AG surfaces. The size and shape of studs is the other reason I never felt any pressure on the bottom of my feet on every surface I played on. They provide ample grip for what you want to do. By nature, I am a speedy winger and despite the idea that you need a speed boot to help you, I never once felt let down by the grip in any situation. Sure, it could be more aggressive, and I know some people would probably prefer it to be. But that’s not the point of these boots. They’re made for everyone and not everyone wants or needs a super aggressive soleplate. It can be argued that if you want a soleplate that performs on every surface, you don’t want something super aggressive. It works so that you don’t have to think about it.


The new Morelia II Japan sets a standard not just for classic leather boots, but for modern leather boots a well. For me, it is the purist of any football boot. It is designed for everyone. It’s a boot that the traditionalists can put on their feet and feel adorned by. The Morelia is a boot that the modern player can rely on. It can keep up with the modern releases and then some. It is the pinnacle of football boots and everyone else should at least take note of what Mizuno has accomplished here. It is up there with some of the top football boots ever made. Its integrity, clarity, comfort, and world-class leather makes it stand out from a field of wanna-bes. It is so good, that I am seriously considering whether or not it is now my favourite boot of all time.

It is the hypercar in a field of supercars. It is what a leather boot is in the best possible form. If you’ve never worn a leather boot, get these. If you’ve worn a leather boot get these. Every single person who plays owes it to themselves to get these just once. Yes they’re expensive (outside of Japan), yes they’re exclusive, but also yes they are easily one of, if not, the best leather boots ever to be released on the market. If the Rebula 3s told us that Mizuno is the king of leather boots, then the new Morelias make them the emperor. Long may they rule.

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33 thoughts on “Mizuno Morelia 2 Japan Review

  1. Hi there. I am needing to upgrade my Morelia 2s (MIJ) and was tossing up between the Rebula 3 and these.

    The Morelia 2s were a perfect fit and very comfortable. I am assuming if I went with either the Rebula 3 or these new Morelias that I’d have to go half size down. I did try on the Neos at a local store and found they were too long.

    Just interested to hear your take on these vs the rebula 3s (which I’ve heard great things about).


    1. Hello! It somewhat depends what you are looking for. It you want something more dynamic, then go with the Rebula 3s. I’m guessing you read my review of the Rebula 3s?

      If you really love the Morelia, then the new ones are a great update. I prefer the new ones over the previous model. I have that issue with the Morelia Neo as well. For some reason, they feel slightly long. Anyways, yes almost everyone I know has gone half a size down for the Rebula and the new Morelia.

      Personally, as much as I love the tech packed into the Rebula 3, I love the Morelia a bit more and I found myself using those more often than my Rebulas.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to ask me any more questions!


      1. Hey mate, thanks for the reply!
        I read the BOOTHYPE review for the Rebula 3s and found it super informative. Bought a pair after reading (half a size down too).
        Hopefully I like them as much as my Morelia’s which sadly won’t make it through another game (I just use them for training now).
        But if the Rebulas don’t work out, where can I buy the *new* Morelia’s? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online, and how do I know if I am buying the new model or the old model?


      2. No problem! Yeah, BootHype does some great reviews. JayC is an awesome guy, really knows his stuff. Seems like you’re Morelias won’t last much longer.
        It is a little difficult to tell the difference just by looking at pictures online but a lot of stores have the newer Morelia listed as the 35th anniversary model. The recently released white/gold colourway is also the newest model. Another way to tell is that the tongue on the black ones look smaller and the underside of the tongue is white where as the previous model was black. The product number has also changed its now P1GA200001. Hopefully that will help you out!


  2. Great stuff thanks for the reply, I’ll follow your advice and let you know the outcome.
    I live in Italy now, which doesn’t have anywhere near the choice of boots or accessories etc. as JP, or the spec ialist football shops either. Weird for such a football mad country.


    1. Awesome, yeah let me know.
      That’s weird. I remember there being a pretty limited selection in the stores I visited in Italy. Seems like for a lot of smaller brands you just kind of show up to their factory.


  3. Hi, Great review.

    Wonder if you can offer some advice – I lived in Tokyo for many years and played in my Asics DS Lights until they literally fell apart in 2017 before getting a pair of Morelia 2 Professionals with the fold over tongue.

    I bought my usual UK7.5/US8.5 as it felt snug but I was assured by the JP shop staff the Kleather would stretch to fit. But the on the pitch the toe box was just too cramped and the space between the laces and the end of the boot also seemed really short, so I ended up selling them and getting a lightly used pair of Copas (UK7.5) on Ebay, which have served me well.

    Now I’m in the market for replacement boots again and I’d like to give the Morelia 2 another go. I was going to buy half a size up (UK8) to compensate for the toe box issue I had before but in your review you said that the latest Morelia 2s run a quarter size long, which has made me all kinds of confused which size to go for.

    With your new Morelia 2s, did you buy the same size as your previous pair? Do they fit the same? Was there any break in time and did the leather stretch after wearing?

    Although I’d be ordering from JP, I don’t live there anymore so its not like I can just pop along to Soccer Shop Kamo to change if the size is wrong.

    Hoping you can help!


    1. Hiya! Thanks for reading.

      I know sometimes the staff at stores here can be a bit crazy with the sizing at times. I had a similar issue before at SuperSportXebio putting me in a pair of boots that was too small.

      Unfortunately, Mizuno have been a bit weird with the sizing on some of their newer boots. I wore a UK 7.5 in the previous generation of the Morelia but I have dropped down to a UK 7 in the new one. There wasn’t really any break in time but there is also not much stretch in the upper.

      Although I went half a size down, several people I know here stuck to their normal size. My advice is that since you are worried about getting them too tight, stick with your normal UK 7.5.

      I hope that helps you out!


      1. Great stuff thanks for the reply, I’ll follow your advice and let you know the outcome.
        I live in Italy now, which doesn’t have anywhere near the choice of boots or accessories etc. as JP, or the specialist football shops either. Weird for such a football mad country.


  4. Hey bud,been following your page for ages.Thanks for all the effort you put into making our boot buying experience more pleasurable.
    Just need a help from you.It’s my first time buying Mizuno boots.Yourself and Unisport really turned my head.
    It’s the 2 older models I am targeting:
    Mizuno MORELIA II MD Football Shoes Blue/Gold
    Mizuno MORELIA CLASSIC MD Football Shoes Black/Black
    If it is not in your interest to review these models,could you just open the links to their original sites and answer a few questions.Since there’s no description.
    1) Do they both have Kangaroo leather(KL)
    2)Are these original or take down models
    3)Are these a better choice than my current alternatives:Take down models of PUMA Future,One.take downs of Adidas Copa, ASICS
    4)Any other insight as to whether I should purchase them
    My Requirements:Comfortable leather boots for my wide feet.Firm ground(FG).
    Ball control,Dribbling are my #1 priority the kind where the ball sticks to the feet like a Messi/Iniesta cuz that’s what I had with my old Puma boots
    Kindly respond however selectively.Thanks.


    1. Hey man, thanks for reading the blog! And I appreciate the kind words.
      The Morelia II MD is kangaroo leather, the classic is calf leather.
      These are both take down models. For the Morelia II, the top of the line model was the made in Japan version. I would take these over any take down model on offer from any other brand. These will be great on firm ground and have a forgiving fit. Morelia is pretty much the most balanced boot from Mizuno. Touch, dribbling, and ball control are all excellent in this boot. Let me know how it goes!


      1. The Morelia 2 MIJ was the best football boots I’ve ever had. I am a size 13 wide foot and they were extremely comfortable.

        I bought mine in 2018 but when I purchased a new pair in 2019 I found they made them slightly longer for some reason.

        If I could buy an older pair of them I would in a second, haven’t found a boot that comes close.


      2. If you’ve got any leads on where to purchase the older model I would love to hear. I have been searching for over a year!


  5. Awesome review, I’m also trying to figure out the correct sizing for myself. Currently I’m wearing Diadora Brasil Italy in US8.5/JP26.5/UK8/EU42. My feet measure 26.75 Will US8.5/JP26.5 work in the new Morelia? I tried on a NEO 3 Pro version at US8.5 but it was too tight. Even after soaking them in water and wearing them around the house for a week they never felt any better. So I’m a bit worried about ordering a Mizuno in 8.5 vs a 9. The Brasils fit tight at first but broke in perfectly. I’ve also wore a Pantofolo D’oro at EU42 and that gave me too much room at the toes. While a EU41 was a no go. So I’m a bit concerned about which size to order in the Morelia 2.


    1. Hey! Thanks for the kind words. So the newest Morelia runs about a quarter size longer versus the older styles, right? This also goes for the current Neo 3 models. Based on this, I would say your best bet is to go with the US 9. A US 8.5 in Mizuno normally works out to an EU 41.5, whereas a 9 is an EU 42. Since Diadora does run bigger than other boots, and you’re wearing an 8.5 in those, go with the US 9 in the Morelia II. There is some stretch in the Morelia, but not as much as other kangaroo leather boots. I hope that helps!


      1. Sorry for the late reply! I thought I had responded. I ended up going with a Neo 3 Japan in a US size 9 JP27. Fit is perfect. Another question for ya, I can also ask on the ASICS DS Light review as well; I’m looking into the DS Light AG model. Chances are I’m ordering from Japan and the option for the DS Light come in at 2E. The NEO 3 Japan is a standard 2E as well? It’s not marked on the box “D” or “2E” but I thought all Japan boots are a standard size 2E? If that’s the case I’m looking at going with 27cm as well. Would this be the correct choice.

        Thanks again!


      2. No problem! Excellent. Happy to hear the fit is good. The Morelia Neo 3 is supposedly between an D and an E width. The DS Light tends to run similar to the Morelia Neo 3, so I think the same should be fine. Just in case, hit up Tokyo Football on Instagram. He sells them.
        You’re welcome!


  6. Awesome review on the mizuno morelia boots. I am currently looking at getting a new pair of leather boots, just a query on the mizuno sizing, I normally wear the Adidas Copa Mundial in US10.5, from your article the mizuno morelia sizing seems to run smaller when is compared toother brands , do you think I should go for US11 (0.5 size up) from my usual sizing?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Got a pair for a great deal, and like you said, amazingly comfortable!
    Any recs. on where I can buy mizuno cleats for turf?

    Thanks in advance!


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