Blog update #2

Hi all,
Just wanted to give a heads up with what is going with the blog right now. I have finished reviewing the Mizuno Morelia Indoors, I just need to get photos done for them. Also, in the next week or so my review for the new Morelia II Japan will be dropping as well. I am also currently reviewing the Mizuno Monarcida Indoors and I am trying to get a pair of some other indoor shoes for review in the near future.

The snow has also mostly held off this year. Great for reviewing outdoor boots but awful when you think about why this is the case (climate change is super scary, and we have to do something about it!). I am debating on whether or not I would do full reviews for retro boots or if I’ll just do some sort of post on how well they hold up in the modern game. Let me know what ya’ll would prefer. As always, I am open to any post ideas and would love to hear what you all have in mind.

Some of you also may also be wondering what happened to the boot of the month posts that I did before. I dropped them because they were far and away the least popular of my posts and I’m not kidding when I say that some of them took over a month to hit double digits in terms of views.

Speaking of views, because of the popularity of my Mizuno and Asics reviews, I’ve actually decided to not focus as much in future on brands that are not unique to Japan. I had planned to pick up boots from brands like Ryal but I am somewhat second-guessing that. I still plan to bring in a pair of RetroStar Classics for review, partially because I want to see how my mind has/hasn’t changed in the seven years since I last reviewed a pair. Again, if there is a brand or boot you all think I need to check out or would like to see a review on, I am all ears.

Lastly, this year is going to be a massive year for Mizuno. Not just because of the fact that it’s the 35th anniversary of the Morelia and I expect a lot of really cool stuff to be released, but also because I’m pretty sure we will get a new Rebula this year and I’ve heard rumours that something might happen with the Morelia Neos. I’m not 100% sure on either but if we do get new releases from both silos I will definitely be bringing those in for review.

Feedback is always welcome, and I look forward to hearing ya’lls thoughts!

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