Un-logoed Boots

A desire for less branding

Since the rise of social media and the internet, advertisements are seemingly everywhere. Even if you have an adblocker on your PC or phone, there’s no escaping them. Advertisers’ biggest goals are to get you to look at their ads and click on it. Profiles are drawn up through people’s use of social media to have ads tailored to their tastes and wants. Even worse, many of our phones are actively listening to us while we speak to figure out keywords that can be used for ads. There’s no escaping it. As I mentioned before, a lot of times companies will try all sorts of ways to make you the advertisement.

So close but the logos ruin this boot!

Which brings us to football boots. I’m not going to go on my usual rant about hype and ads, but rather about the boots themselves. If you look at almost any boot that’s on the market, and any that’s from a global brand, that brand’s logo is plastered all over the boots. Which is part of the point. Yeah, you can show off your brand loyalty and the like and it makes it so that other people can tell what brand you are wearing. But when it comes down to it, you are in effect advertising the company for them and you paid them for that privilege.

I actively hate these

I understand that brands can do whatever they want and likewise so can consumers. But I think we lose something when we don’t try and look outside of the box this way. Think of how many times a logo placement has ruined the look of the boots. There are several Vapors that immediately come to mind as well as some adidas boots too. Puma had that whole thing for a while when the brand name was printed in giant letters on the instep of their boots, which I think looked ridiculous. This is why I sometimes have a soft spot for so-called “prototype” releases. They tend to be noticeable without having giant logos plastered all over them.

Look at how good these look!

How cool do some kits look without their logos or their sponsors? A lot of classic kits look so clean because there aren’t logos slapped all over them. It can be argued that for the reason, boots would look great without logos on them as well. Some may argue that blackout boots are fine but they’re still logoed. There are a few people who go ahead and remove the logos from their boots, and they look great. Any boots that had stitched or unreinforced logos would sometimes have this done to them. The adidas Copa Mundial and the Tiempo Premier have always been popular boots to do this to. But I think that brands are missing out on sales from people who would love to wear boots with modern tech but without logos. It would be bold for any brand to do this, but again, there is a market for it and its larger than many people might realise. Also, by going without logos, it actually opens up design options for the brands since they wouldn’t have to figure out where to incorporate their logos on new designs.

There should be more of this. After all, people don’t always wear clothes with logos on them, so football boots and gear shouldn’t be any different.

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