Dreams and Football Boots

A view into hopes and dreams

Personal story time. My dream was to always become a professional footballer. Some years back I used to go to a lot of trials/tryouts all over the US and UK. By that time, I already had become a Boot Otaku and had a small collection going. So, when it came to what boots to wear for the trials, I had already developed a certain set of tastes with my boots. I remember the first boot that I bought that made me think “Yeah, this will aid me in getting to the next level” was the White/Silver colourway of the Mercuial Vapor IIIs. The boots felt so good on my feet and looked so clean; it gave me a confidence boost.

Needless to say, I wasn’t offered a contract at that time. Undeterred, I still went to many more trials. At this point, I also switched jobs and started working at a much bigger football shop. With this change, I was able to also track down a pair of the original White/Gold Lotto Zhero Gravitys for about $100. I started to dream again and just putting the boots on gave me a surge of confidence and just looking at my feet made me feel like I could do anything I wanted. Again, I didn’t get any offers but yet again I was determined to keep going and kept signing up for trials.

The final pair of boots I bought for trials were a pair of Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarinis. This was way back in 2010 when Pantofola was a much smaller company and still made their boots in small batches and because of this, the boots were perfect. This is also the year that I went to the UK for trials for the second time. Finally, after years of trying, I got a couple of contract offers. However, because of money concerns, I turned them down. At the very least, I got offers and I could look back on the fact that I was somewhat successful. With the US trials, there were two stages of elimination and I could say that I always made it past the first elimination. What all of this made me realize was the capacity for my boots to allow me to dream.

I think its important to have dreams. Dreams give us a purpose and a goal. Dreams drive us forward when normally when might feel stuck. I also think we underestimate how much how much dreams can have an impact on our lives. One of the positive experiences with football boots is when they make us dream. A good boot gives you that confidence, it lets you dream. This is one of the most unifying things for boot nerds that crosses all brand loyalties and all collectors, this feeling that boots give us to dream.

What were the first boots that made you dream? Let me know and share this with your friends. Please makes sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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