TruSox Tenaci

A new challenger approaches

It was surprising to see that TruSox announced they were going to enter the football boot market. Primarily known through their sponsorships with players like Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale, it was a pretty bold step for them to make this decision. It also one that I applaud.

Whenever a new company enters the football boot market, their influence on the other brands often depends on how large the company entering the market is. An example of this is when New Balance decided to drop the Warrior name from football line and use their own name instead. On the outside it didn’t seem to bother the other brands, but I can tell you from the meetings I had attended in the past, other brands were very interested to hear what New Balance was up to and asked a lot of questions about our thoughts on the brand.

It would be safe to assume this will be true with TruSox as well. Given that the company launched a whole new side to the football boot industry with the introduction of grip socks, some of the brands will be keeping a keen eye on how things go as things going forward. From a personal standpoint, I am quite excited for this and I hope they are successful. My reasoning for this is that it will force other brands to make changes depending on how popular the boots are. While there are too many boots on the market as it is, I will say the big brands are releasing too much and a new company entering the market will provide more competition. More competition is better for customers as well since again, brands are forced to try harder. While the price on the TruSox Tenaci is a little bit high for my liking, I do like the design and the details put into the boot.

We’ll see how it goes.

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