Blog Update

Some Notes

Yesterday, my team finished its season, we went undefeated and are getting promoted. So, there is lot to look forward to next season. But for the time being, winter is approaching, In the coming weeks the area where I live will likely see its first snow. We get so much snow that all of the pitches are closed and there aren’t any indoor turf facilities here. The flip side of this that the Futsal leagues are starting up. At the same time, my regular team will be switching to indoor practices. Because of this I will start doing reviews of some indoor/futsal shoes. I have been getting some requests for indoor reviews so my first one should be popping up in the next month.

Although the snow is fast approaching, I am hoping to fit in at least one more boot review before then. The pitches should be open at least into the middle of December, so there is time. Also in December, I should be increasing the amount of boots coming in, but I’m waiting until then to reveal what I am picking up. But it’s something to look forward to.

I also am going to try and focus more on the smaller brands when it comes to reviews and the like. I will still review what ever I can get my hands on. As far as when I will be able to start reviewing boots again, it will probably be some time in March. There are a lot of new releases coming thick and fast so if there is a chance that I can do some reviews on boots, I will take it. There will also be some new boots coming out that may just be updates rather than a whole new boot, so if I get some of those in, I will at least try to make a features article or something similar.

That’s it for today but I will have something else up in a few days. Feel free to reach out to me and make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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