FOMO and Football Boots

The FOMO is real

With so many releases and new boots these days, a lot of people are beginning to feel FOMO more often. FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Out, is the phenomenon when you see something that you want or want to be are a part of but are not. Increasingly, this term and feeling is being popularized along with the rise of use of social media. Although this is normally applied to people who see their friends or celebrities taking part in events or vacations, I think this term can also be applied to products and the like. This is something I think that most people who are active on social media feel as some point in time or another. I know I have in the past and still do sometimes.

How this pertains to football boots is something that some people reading this might be wondering. Whenever there is a new release, a lot of people, myself included, feel the need to be a part of the conversation or at least want to be able to experience the new product for themselves so that may be seen as “in the loop”. You may already begin to notice that I made similar comments in the article about Hype and Exposure. This is a related argument for sure because it touches on similar psychological occurrences.

Most people are not immune to this, as I have said above. We all want to feel included. It is a basic human desire to want to be included in a group. When we are not part of something that all of our friends, or influencers, or even people we know of are included in, it can make us feel disconnected. This is unfortunately an issue in our modern society and it is often exacerbated by the constant launches by all of the brands in the market. This is another one of the reasons why I think releases should be somewhat scaled back, as it reduces the psychological stress that FOMO causes.

There is an alternative to FOMO, however. To barrow this phrase from Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, there is also JOMO. JOMO is the Joy Of Missing Out. In his comic on JOMO, Inman shows how nice it is to just take a break from things and how that’s actually a good thing, rather than always feeling like you’re missing out on something. Though the context is different, I feel that I can be applied the boot industry as well. I recommend you read the original comic. His comic is terse and still able to fit in the satisfaction of JOMO.

JOMO is enjoyable if you think about it a little bit. All the sudden, new releases don’t feel like they are something you need to be a part of anymore. You don’t have to constantly give your opinion of every single thing that releases in the market. It’s liberating and it frees up a lot of your mental energy. I’d argue that us bloggers and influencers can also benefit from this. After all, at this point I’m sure many people have seen more than their fair share of Mercurial Vapor 13 reviews. I am not arguing that people shouldn’t do reviews, playtests and videos on products. They should always be able to feel free to produce whatever content they like.

What I am saying is that they don’t have to cover everything if they don’t want to. If a new colourway comes out in a boot but nothing else has changed, then maybe someone doesn’t need to make a video or write a review just because the colourway has changed. At the same time, I understand that because of the need to stay relevant, people feel obligated to produce content about every new thing on the market. But, if we embrace JOMO, then suddenly, it doesn’t feel like it’s compulsory. I would also say that by embracing JOMO, we can have our own groups form that don’t mind missing out on the latest releases and instead talk about whatever we feel like we want to cover or talk about.

Since the market and releases schedules are so packed anyways, I think that JOMO is a good way to make sure that we can still pursue individuality and original content, because otherwise there isn’t many chances for us to cover or talk about anything else. This is part of the reason why I don’t engage with every new release. While an element of this is down to the fact that I can’t buy every boot on the market because of financial constraints, the other component is that I have my own content I want to create. Much of the time this doesn’t even directly talk about the latest releases, but rather a focus on the market as whole.

JOMO has helped me feel like I can look at trends and issues more often rather than having to constantly think and talk about every new launch. It also allows me to focus on the smaller brands and give attention to issues and product that I feel should be talked about more often. As time goes on, I hope more of us can in embrace JOMO, not just when we are talking about football boots, but in other parts of life as well. I feel that this will help us all stop from feeling so overwhelmed.

What do you guys think of FOMO and JOMO? Let me know in the comments down below or feel free to reach out to me.
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