Boot of the Month

Mizuno Wave Cup Legend

Why not start with the very best?

The Mizuno Wave Cup Legend was released last year to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Rivaldo’s Ballon D’Or win. The rerelease has pretty much the exact same specifications as the original down to even the sole plate. The only difference being the insole, which on the original Wave Cups was made of leather but on the rereleases is made of the same material as other current Made in Japan Mizuno boots. Each pair is handcrafted in Japan by the masters of leather at Mizuno’s head factory.

It is made up of a super-soft full kangaroo leather upper that feels brilliant on feet. When you slip your foot into these for the first time, you can immediately feel how accommodating the boot is to your feet. It’s the kind of fit that makes you believe you can do anything you want with the ball.  The touch on the ball can best be described as ‘exquisite’ with the padding on the leather spread out evenly throughout the boot. And because the leather is so soft the breaking in time almost instant.

In spite of being soft, the leather is strong enough to allow you take some tackles. There is just enough thickness to allow you to do so without the leather feeling overly thick. Its just the right balance between thick and thin. The heel features Mizuno’s “Wave System” which alleviates pressure on the heel and the Achilles tendon. It makes the rear of the boot very comfortable and there is almost no stud pressure to speak of, which for me is a bonus because I have a tendency to develop heel pain easily. Durability also isn’t an issue with these because the of the quality of the scotchguard leather and the fact that the soleplate is riveted to the upper in multiple places. This is in addition to the fact that the boots are made in Japan, a mark of quality that makes it stands above all other leather boots on the market.

There’s just something about these boots. Even among Mizuno die-hards it has elevated status. I have yet to see a negative comment about the boots in general and the original seems to be this sort of Holy Grail of Mizuno boots. Even with the re-release I told myself that I’d wear it a few times and nothing more. They are special boots, made for special occasions.

Despite telling myself that the boots are only for special occasions, I cannot stop wearing them. I love playing in the Wave Cups. I love the feel on the ball it gives you, the fit around your foot and how it seems to almost custom made for you and you alone. It’s a personal-fitting boot, as if you spoke directly with the makers on how you wanted your boots to fit.

For me, personally I think this is the best boot ever made. Only a few things can make it perfect for me. Firstly, I kind of wish the heel was a bit narrower. Secondly, I would have also liked to have suede lining around the heel area. Other than those two things, I think this boot is about as close to perfect as one can get.

It would wrong to expect other brands to follow Mizuno’s formula when it comes to making leather boots but at the same time the Wave Cups are the standard that other brands should aspire to when making the leather boots. The Wave Cups are really in a class of their own.

But what is your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

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